Thursday, 11 December 2008

Bills, Bills.

We hope to reduce the negative perception on these two institutions
among the people and investors as much as we can, and it will be

The above quote is taken from The Star online, reporting the PM's comments on the tabling of 2 bills: the Anti-Corruption Commission Bill and the Judicial Ap­­pointments Commission Bill in Parliament yesterday.

When he said "we hope to reduce the negative perception on these two institutions", he is admitting that there are negative perceptions. My question is when did he realise that there are negative perceptions?

Did he only realise this after the March elections; did he only realise this once he knows that he has overstayed his welcome; did he realise this when he assumed his premiership of the country or he had all along known that these two institutions have been suffering from acute negative perceptionitis or whatever 'itis'?

Why is it that he did not initiate these changes much earlier like the first year he became PM? Why wait till the eleventh hour or is it eleventh hour fifty ninth minute?

I do not want to go deeper into this because it sickens me. Yes, I am sick because I know, knowing the BN, that somehow the wordings of whatever would be tabled would leave loopholes for the authorities to get their dirty paws to manipulate things so I would just touch on a few quotes from The Star.

Just have a look at this:

"Asked on the strengths of the Anti-Corruption Commission compared to
the ACA, Abdullah replied that it would act as an advisory board, whose
committee members would also comprise MPs

Who would the MPs be? Any provision for equal number of government and opposition MPs? If yes, is it clearly spelt so that there would not be any abuse later on?

The coup de grace; the pièce de résistance; the Saiful's sumpah keramat is this:

The A-G can step in only if there is a problem,. But this doesn’t mean that he will always do so,” he added".

With this, he had, even before the bill is passed, relegated the bill to trash. What is there to stop the AG to declare that there is a problem and therefore warrants his meddling? Who the hell would be responsible to elect the AG? Would it be The Agong on the advise of Parliament with two thirds voice? Would it only be the Parliment with two thirds support? Would it be the Parliament with simple majority or would it be the PM alone?

There are just too many questions to be answered. This two bills, to me, is just changing fresh underwears but the rotting maggot infested dick the underwear is supposed to cover is the same puss oozing one.


kopitelp16 said...

We live in Bolehland....apa pun boleh. In Chinese, there's a saying "Changing the soup but not the ingredient". All these reforms might actually be a smoke screen for greater power for some selected few.

Anyway, loopholes must be studied and plugged. Just hope our MP can really focus and give it a real good debate before pushing the Bill thru.

The rakyat deserves better.

buayaputih said...

Hi Chegu
Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha
Sorry off-topic

satD said...


have a look at this idiotic bill of the century

Piggy Singh said...

Salam Chegu,

We expressed our worry previously when we knew that Dollah did nothing but sleeping.

Now Dollah has woken up, and with the things happening, we should be even worrier.

And Chegu, the last line was the killer. Not only rotten, but it has fallen off.

peng said...

We live in a dying nation, rotting, I should say. It's because of the maggots infected government. All this Bill tabling is just to syok sendiri sahaja. Just like the Public Account Committee being another toothless tiger. Remember the Euro copter purchase. The PAC found no discrepancy, although some committee members disagree on the findings!
This will how both the new committee will function.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I do have that apprehension, 'smoke screen' is the exact thing.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha to you too, mana pi lama tak jumpa?

Everything they do, be it the present one or the evil last one is idiotic.

Piggy Singh,
Sudah jatuh ka dia punya kapala? Ayo itu macam tadak boleh pakai la.

Malaysia, the land of charades.


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