Saturday, 6 December 2008


Director: Okay read me the 1st appeal.

Officer: This appeal is from Miss Jane. She said her brother died a few days after coming home from his PLKN. She believes that his death is related to the PLKN training he went through

Director: Oh, you mean that case? Do we have the medical report of her brother's death?

Officer: The hospital has not released the report sir.

Director: Good, if they release we all sure kena from the oppositions.

Officer: So, how tuan? Want to approve ka?

Director: You write a letter stating that we sympathise with her but rules are rules, but anyway on humanitarian grounds, we would offer her a 3 year deferment. Next?

Officer: This is an appeal from a Muthupalaniapan. It states here that he is blind and his wife is paralysed. He has no pension. Raj is his eldest son and is working to feed the family. His other children are schooling.

Director: Does the press know about this appeal?

Officer: No, I have not read anything about this.

Director: Tell him that on humanitarian grounds we have decided to give a deferment of 1 year. In the meantime, the department hopes that Mr. Muthu would work hard to get his sight back and his wife should stop being paralysed. Next.

Officer: This is from En. Halim. He said that his son Johari suffered serious incapacitating injuries in a road accident. He is now deaf and blind and lost the use of one hand and had is left leg amputated. Here's the medical report sir.

Director: Tell him that the department understands his concern but the country comes first. Anyway, the programme could help to toughen his son up and not grow into a blind sissy. As long as the kid is still breathing, there will be no exception. Reject. Next.

Officer: I think this one also we reject la sir.

Director: Whats the case?

Officer: This is from Tan Sri Jay. He says that his daughter always gets rashes when it is hot and she is addicted to the series CSI Miami. She loves Horatio and couldn't wait to know if he actually died in last season's cliffhanger. She also has 3 kittens totally dependant on her for love and affection.

Director: Ayo, pity la that girl. Just imagine the depression she'd be in knowing she can't find out what happened to Horatio. Er, er, you think Horatio really died ka?

Officer: Surely die one la sir. Got so much blood some more.

Director: Where can like that? If he died, than Miami just would not be fun anymore la. I think this one is a trick only la.

Officer: Yes la sir. If no Horatio, I don't want to watch that series anymore la.

Director: Hmm, she got kittens also ah? She also gets rashes when it is hot? Kesian la if we put that girl through this ordeal. Okay approve this appeal. Next.

Officer: This is from the Minister of .....

Director: Approve.


cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Officer: Sir, I have 3 cases serupa tapi tak sama, what shall I do?

Director: are! You want to sing, go karaoke bar lah not here. So...?

Officer: All these 3 involves children of illegal immigrants who somehow have been studying in our public school. NRD finally detected them and are about to deport them, each to their country of origin - one family from Indon, another from Bangladesh, and the other from China. But somehow, we have them listed as one of out top priority inductees as the children are agile, fit and intelligent. What should we do?

Director: Girls or boys?

Officer: The least of the 3 is a girl. The boys can become a real asset to this country.

Director: No lah! We have to many boys already...let the NRD and immigration department deport them.

Officer: The girl?

Director: Er...bring her to me for a private interview tonight.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Bring her to me but, don't tell JJ, let me have a go first otherwise you would have burnt marks all over her ass.

Zubli Zainordin said...


Fair. Pretty fair indeed...

tokasid said...

Officer: Boss, this one letter from PM's dept.

Director: What? Must be my promotion one lah....

Officer: But boss you are the highest authority in PLKN, what more promotion you want?

Director: Hmmm...maybe Minister of PLKN. Can what.

Officer: la boss,this one also an appeal but by Pak Lah the PM boss.

Director: Paklah appeal? For what?

Officer: Apparentl his son-in-law was picked up for the PLKN programme starting this 27th Dwecember.

DirectorL Son-in-law? He got another son-in-law ka?

Officer: No boss...its KJ.

peng said...

Cikgu, you have got the bull's eye! Isn't it so sad that our government has become a sick joke in true life? The worst is, the joke is on us!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Has Malaysia ever been unfair?

Kata Tak Nak said...

KJ tu cukup umoq nak pi PLKN ka? Dia dah masuk jawi belum?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, so when will we ever learn?

Malaysian Joe said...

This is a gem la cikgu... I am worried sick about my own kids time in NS...


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