Sunday, 9 November 2008

Err, Mr. Obama sir ......

No 2: What are you doing boss? Just got up from sleep ka?

No 1: What sleep? My secretary is putting me through to Barrack Obama la. We have to congratulate him la, otherwise he would say we all don't respect him.

No 2: Obama ka? Hey, boss, I can talk to him or not? After all in a few months I will be the no 1? You want to talk to him for what?

No 1: Where can. Protocol la, protocol. How can I allow you to speak to him? He would think we are insulting him la.

No 2: I say man, boss, just say la that you are going to resign already so you would like him to speak to the soon to be no 1?

No 1: Still cannot, things don't work that way. I thought you pandai sangat.

No 2: Err boss, did they contact us to say that Obama wants to speak to us ka boss?

No 1: What they contact us? You know how difficult it is to get this conversation? I had to pull so many strings and contact so many lobbyists you know.

No 2: What!!! He is not the president yet and still we need to go through lobbyists ka?

No 1: Luckily it is only a phone call and not have tea with him, otherwise TNB would have to pay even more for this.

No 2: So this time also Tenaga has to foot the bill ka boss?

No 1: Where else to find money? I want to ask EPF, you just took 5 billion from them. Want to ask Petronas, they say crude is now about 61 dollars, so ask Tenaga la. What, you think only that senile old man can ask Tenaga to pay lobbyists ka? I cannot ka?

Sec: Boss Mr. Obama is on the line.

No 2: Eh hello, Mr. Obama. Allow me to congratulate you on your stunning victory. We, over here, are all so very happy that you won. No, no actually I am the no 2 man...... Yes, no 1 is here, ......... but I will be the no 1 man soon next ,...... huh? Err yes, ...... yes, ........ yes sir ....... yes sir,...... yes sir,........ I know, I know, yes, ....... I understand. No no not like that Mr, ........ but, but, ....... yes, ..... yes. Okay, okay I promise. What? You want me to say it out loud? Okay, sir, Yes, I promise not to interfere in the conversations of all no 1s. Err, Boss, he wants to speak to you.

No 1: Padan muka.


Anonymous said...

Such a lousy writing and such low class humour. Lost your marbles already?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Oooooooo! Did I touch a raw nerve there?

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

What's with that anon? Could he be, like, an idiot or something like that? Hmm...must be one of Bijan's ball carrier.


that No.2 fella really sounds, looks, and talks like the Bomber. not so smart, as usual. nowadays, the Benggap and Bahalol makes good No.2; don't you think so Cikgu?

well, Obama sure laugh out loud till his tongue drop if he finds Malaysia appointed Electricity Meter Reader as their No.2.

Betul betul Benggap and Bahalol yeah, the Malays of UMNO.

peng said...

LOL (or rather snigger in private)...
Padan muka indeed, man who cannot wait to be no. 1!

Malaysian Joe said...

Err.. you should extend the kow-tow of no. 2 even further... yes sir, I understand completely sir.. yes sir.. our ports are open.. our air space is open... for your fleet sir... of course of course... it will be on humanitarian ground... yes sir.. perfectly clear sir. Thank you sir.


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