Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Why now?

When we talk about hypocrisy we can't help but accept the fact that there is a bit if not plenty of hypocrisy in all of us but when someone takes his/her hypocrisy a little bit too far or to be precise to strip his/her hypocrisy bare before the nation then it becomes something out of the ordinary.

I know some of his diehard fans would not feel comfortable but this thing is just a little bit too much to not deserve a little mention in this humble blog of mine.

I saw in my blog list, Al banjari's latest post entitled Taubat 'lahum' che det! when something strange got hold of me and made me click the link. You see anytime I see that man's face or hear his voice, my blood boils so please be ready for a very prejudiced and biased piece on this matter.

I am not going to be hypocritical by saying that this is a totally objective view of this man and his last comic act. Yes, I don't like him and you can see more than just a sprinkle of hatred for him in this post.

Yes, when the old man said that we should boycott the American Dollar, I wanted to laugh out really loud for the blatant show of hypocrisy.

Look, the USA and her presidents had been a strong defender of israel's aggression towards the Palestinian people and Islamic world since from before the old man started his stinking 22 year reign.

During his reign, this full support for the murderous ways of the illegal state of israel did not stop. Everyone of her Presidents continued their moral and financial support of the illegal government of israel, so what is new to suddenly warrant this strange outburst from this equally strange man?

Was communication then so poor that he did not know of this devilsh act of the big bully or was he given wrong communications as to the happenings of the day that a call to boycott the USD escaped him?

Could it also be that at that time he was not very clever, still a thick-glassed nerd and completely ignorant of the workings of world economy?

Why is it that in those days when he was in power he did not call for this drastic act? Why only now when he is an ad-selling,nobody roti-man, is he making so much noise?

I would like to ask, what did he do to the continued use of our air space by the Satan government of Bush Sr to pound Iraq? Did he even let off a whimp? Hey, he was The man at that time unlike now.

Did he realise that the Dollar that he now wants this government to boycott is the same Dollar of the country whose president, he paid lots of TNB's money to have tea with and incidenttaly that same President is now on his last leg of power.

Why the hypocrisy Mr. former PM? Why now? Why not when you were in power? America did not become a devil and bully only yesterday.

Oh no, please don't tell me that you are implying that Dollah's Malaysia is actually a superpower whose call for boycott would send shivers down the spine of shoeface Bush and turn Obama purple?

I know after so many years of power its difficult to accept the fact that you are now a nobody and to fight this nature's law, you are willing to turn yourself into a circus clown.

Don't worry you will be remembered for the good things that you have done but remember while in doing good you chose to spice things up with bad things and because of that you would also be remembered for them.

Take this advise from a chalk pushing nobody, take retirement gracefully, apologise for your sins and repent. It beats joining the Royal Jitra Circus.


Zawi said...

Well said. Its the height of hypocrisy by what he said.

Asil said...


No problem with mamak's comments, because he has a lot of loose screws inside him.

My problem is, some people still believe in him, still wants to listen to him. That's really baffles me.

I never listen to him during his PM's time, and never will.

He should boycott himself...

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Any comments need to be made has been very well done by Pak Zawi and Asil, bravo! And to you too, Cikgu :)

ps. Shouldn't we tie him to an ICBM just the way you mentioned in 2 or 3 postings ago?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Pak Zawi,
Of the highest level. He should shut his trap.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I was one of those fools who once listened to his every syllable, but not anymore.
I love the 'botcott himself' part.

Kata Tak Nak said...

ICBM eh? Hmm that's worth pondering but don't you think it's a waste of good money?

Anonymous said...

Salam cikgu. I didn't know there is a Royal Jitra Circus ! Definitely he is a clown of that circus.No doubt about that. Well he is the ex PM and like all BN ministers he belongs to the Idiot Club. Nobody listen to minister. They are the clowns in the RJC and should only talk to themselves in the mirror. My 2 sen cikgu.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I think if they were to look into a mirror and talk to their own images, their images would not believe them.

Anonymous said...

am not a big fan of the old man either but u got to admit cikgu, that during his time things were in better order.give some credit also mah cikgu.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I did say he would be remembered for the good that he has done. Yes, he has done good but all of them did also help his children and friends at the same time.


wahh..cikgu..so long don't come here..your page are getting brutal la...good good good....

zorro said...

Hi Chalk Pushing Nobody, spot on post! Remember my former student, the clinical psychologist....he said these are amongst the symptoms of "DEATH THORES" ....in my days as a chalk pushing nobody, we drilled it into the kids something to the effect of some drowning man clutching at the straw. Betul kah? Carry on pushing, dude....u doing great work. Very "dry" in KT but "reinforcements" coming in. Take care.


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