Thursday, 15 January 2009

New Old Boy In Town

Min 1: Is KT always this dull at night? I mean what is there to do if one wants to unwind?

MB: Its quite dull at night, I have to admit, you know la, the people here are mainly Malays and we are in the East Coast, its different from the West Coast la, but we do have entertainment you know.

Min 1: You have entertainment? What is it?

MB: We go to the beach for fresh air, we karaoke. Do you karaoke Datuk?

Min 1: What karaoke? Do you call that entertainment? I mean really good entertainment for the men folks la, you know what I mean?

MB: That one you have to go to Golok la Datuk. It's not that I don't like all that but if we allow it, this will be the last term we rule Terengganu la Datuk.

Min 2: Aiya! Boring la like this, want to go ceramah, so few people turn up, want to go back to KL, the old man will scream, want to bring my wife here, she tak boleh pakai one, what to do ah?

MB: I am sorry la Datuks, you all didn't tell me what you all want otherwise I could make arrangements for you all to go to Kuantan or Golok but I heard you brought along an entertainer with you what?

Min 1: Got ah Min 2? Who did we bring? Inul ka?

Min 2: Where got, want to die ka bring Inul here.

MB: Got la, you all brought a clown what. he will do your every wish what.

Min 1: What? "He" jantan ka? What for jantan?

MB: At least got entertainment la Datuk then sitting around here looking at each other's old faces.

Min 1
: Who? Who is the clown that you said we brought?

MB: Ala, the new old boy in town la. Your new Khadam.

Min 2 : Don't play around la, who is it?

MB: That Zam la, who else? He will do everything you ask what, even his old boss also he will taroh what. They say, if the price is right his father also he will sell la.

Min 1: Yes, la, why didn't I think of it. Call him here, ask him to dance for us. What else is he good for?

MB: Datuk ah, if we win you want to take that Zam fellow as your Private Secretary ka? He can entertain you what.

Min 1
: What? You gila ka? If he can do that to his old boss you think he won't do that to me later on ka? That kind of idiot, we make full use and throw away la, where can trust one. I'll make him National Clown la, nothing else.


peng said...

We're just into the 1st month of a new year and we have a record breaking feat that will win the 'Dumbest Ever Yet Whatever-You-Wanna-Call It' award. Oh yeah, it's authentic Malaysian, pure local stuff!
Dumb is as dumb does. That's him. The stunt backfired big time.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i heard there's many ahkua plying their trades along the batu buruk stretch. if any of the mins feel like trying something different, they can always swing that way for entertinment purposes...hehehehe...

Anonymous said...

greetings sir cikgu
guano gamok .lame dok antar komeng.hehehe, hows my gganu kite ? hope u are keeping up well.keep churning out the comic relief sir.cheers!.

monsterball said...

That two timer...son of a gun...Ezam..want to do Anwar up.
That cracko....good for too one screw loose.
Yet UMNO willing to pay him millions to perform stupid acts against Anwar.
Stolen money...billions from us..sure easy come...easy go.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yeah January is only half way through and we are making headlines with our stupidity, I wonder what would happen in December

Kata Tak Nak said...

Hmm Batu Buruk ha? That is why our minister did not get any entertainment because he thought there are only bad balls there.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I am indeed keeping up and soon we will know how effective all the cheatings are.

Kata Tak Nak said...

How to trust this kind of fellow who sells his soul to the highest bidder.

monsterball said...

kata tak nak....So many politicians sold their souls at Taiwan.
We are fortunate...Internet gives you both sides of the news and not Malaysians depending on local before.
Propaganda stuffs by UMNO not going to work like before.
Actually..they only have their die hard members to depend on....and that not enough..and ...not all UMNO members will vote for UMNO too.
I am waiting patiently for the 13th election.
I hope to live long enough to see Malaysia get rid of UMNO...once and for all. They are such arrogant and corrupted to the core people...feeling no shame at all..with false titles and stolen money.
What kind of humans are these people?
When the change of government comes during the 13th election .....your children and mine and all Malaysians will have a better life.
Then....we can focus on real unity.

monsterball said...

KTN...Today is a glorious day...where PAS won the by-election.
Najib worked so hard to be recognized and respected as next PM...and voters have sound off...he is UMNO's PM....not Malaysians.
Wayang kulit show is over!!
Swearing by the Koran...done him up.

BravoEagleHotel said...

Hmmmm need only 30 buckets to be kick by 30 goons ... then we no need wait till 13th GE ... Kepala Batas oso no problemo ...

Anonymous said...

eheheh...lama tak baca lawaks cikgu...still menjadi


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