Sunday, 18 January 2009

It started in 99

First of all I would like to congratulate the Pakatan Rakyat for the magnificent job that they have done in the epic battle in KT. Despite facing an opponent with all the resources in the world they were still able to to not only snatch victory, but to do it in style.

Their 2600+ majority is indeed a surprise though not unexpected. As PAS and PR celebrate the other side will pack up or have already packed up and go home like a stunned wounded limping dog.

Then the blame game starts. Someone has to be blamed for this. A scapegoat has to be found and slaughtered.

A blogger has fired the first salvo by insinuating that its all Pak Lah's fault which I beg to differ. Najib would say that it is not a rejection of his imminent helming of the country and all of UMNO would sing in unison that the result is not a rejection of UMNO and BN while MCA and MIC and the rest in the ruling coalition would be saying "Where do we go from here"?

Okay lets start with Pak Lah. I said I don't think it is so much a rejection of Pak Lah as it is a rejection of UMNO and BN. The folks in KT already know that the old man is going away in about 2 month's time and why punish the party if the loved UMNO so much? If they loved UMNO so much, they would want a stronger UMNO now that their 'so-called' hated leader is going away and you don't take a seat away to make the party stronger.

As for Najib, I would say he is inconsequential. He lost in Permatang Pauh and loses again here despite campaigning throughout the constituency and splashing millions. There is just no charisma in that man.

Actually the rot started with the then PM, Mugabe's best friend, Tun Mahathir. He lost Terengganu to PAS in 99. The hatred and distrust towards UMNO started then not only now.

It was actually Pak Lah who managed to temporarily stop the slide with his promise of a very unMahathir government but when the people saw that it was merely rhetorical, sweet to hear but zilch in substance and that Mahathirism is still alive and kicking, they switched back into reverse gear.

Yes, I would say that it is a rejection of UMNO and BN as a whole that got PAS this resounding victory.

I know some would disagree to my short unsubstantiated analysis but then who cares.


Zawi said...

You are right to a certain extent. Unfortunately Pak Lah chose the candidate which may not appeal to the voters in KT. So he is partly to be blamed.
"As for Najib, I would say he is inconsequential". I am beginning to think so too. He is carrying a baggage so no matter how hard he campaigned during the election, he doesn't seem to have any impact. The fact that he made tons of promises during the campaigning, and he won't be living up to it now that BN has lost, will erode his credibility even further.

Abdullah said...


I beg to differ. Najib said the candidate was chosen unanimously Umno and especially by HIM and Pak lah. If Pak lah was the sole man who chose the candidate, it would have been something, but Najib denied it in a press conference and said he was for it and chose the same man. That said, even if the candidate is bad (do you have a good Umno MP?), if the pple have had confidence in Najib, they would have elected him, bcoz Najib will be the PM and the leader of Umno not Wan Farid. There are pple who don't like some PR MPs but will vote for them bcoz they were fielded by PR leaders. Credibility of the leader is what makes a party perfect. Once you have a strong (not through police force)leader who also has credibility, then the voters will stay with you. Remember, Dollah won bcoz of reforms not that he was going to be an ultra man. Once the reforms failed, he was rejected. Once he was thrown out by Umno, his inheritor is rejected and loathed more than Dollah. The back stops at Najib's door. He led the campaign, said he too chose Wan farid, spent millions on daily basis, used threats, bribery (of even journalists), visited KT daily, brought all Umno leaders and BN supporters to KT, fought in a state ruled by Umno with 2/3 majority, and then he failed. How can we blame Dollah for that?

Mr. Right said...

Kesian Pak Lah, report card terakhir dia warna merah. Huhu...

Tahniah kepada petugas Pakatan Rakyat yang bertungkus lumus menewaskan jentera ala tentera Barisan Nasional.

PAS dah menang. DSAI perlukan 28 lagi kerusi parlimen, kan?

Tolong lah sesiapa sponsor badminton racket kepada semua ahli parlimen BN

monsterball said...

It is confirmed!
Najib is UMNO's PM...not elected by Malaysians at all.
35 tables were set up for dinner with him.
All are empty..shows even UMNO members do not respect him anymore.
Swearing by the Koran have done him up.
UMNO keep showing they are above all laws and arresting innocent people...under ISA..stealing billions and call that .. as commission.
Muslims are fed up to be labeled as munafiks....created by UMNO.
I salute Terenggannu voters! unselfish and so thoughtful for Malaysians.

monsterball said...

UMNO supporters will find idiotic reasons to support defeat.
Ong Ta Kut was smart to thank Chinese voters ....increasing their support to MCA....before MCA is used as scapegoat.
As predicted...small headline in papers...over shadowed by Gaza matters.
UMNO will never change.
Throw them into the tong general election.
If Terengganu can do it....all other States voters ...should be inspired...and well prepared for 13th election.

peng said...

Non Muslims point with their fore finger. In other words, if one points the blame at others, four fingers will be pointing back at self.

In this case, I would agree with you that the rot starts in 99. Or even earlier.

frankie said...

Ezam definitely contributed to the PR victory. Najib with his Mongolian baggage and the whole BN which has lost their credibility of being clean and honest.

But then whatever said, BN will go back to their old habits which soon will self destruct.

tokasid said...


I agree it started in '99.And it started like a tsunami. Madet then realised that he was not wanted and had no shoice but to had the baton to PakLah who turned out as a weak leader for the country.

There are many factors that made the P36 result favoured PAS and Pakatan Rakyat.

1-PakLah factor with the who can forget about Patrick badawi guy.
2-farid as PakLah's trusted aide in KT which was the link between Pat Badawi and derih.
3-Farid and his brother's political ploys towards Allahyarham datuk Razali(many KT UMNO members were upset about this)
4-Farid's aloofness nature.(and they had to campaign way before nomination day)
5-The insult towards Sultan Trengganu during the MB appointment saga(remember the insulting banner?)
6-The usual 'political bribery' during by elections.
7-Najib factor and its baggages that he carried.
8-The well organised programmes by Pakatan Rakyat in Trengganu despite the media potraying a huge problem between PAS-DAP.
9-The mainstream media.As usual they overkill their role and made ppl hate BN evenmore.

Najib and BN and UMNO can say the result has no indication whatsoever about Najib or UMNO or BN.

Lets wait for more BN MPs to die and we'll see if BN can retain those seats during by elections.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Like Pak Zawi, I admit you have your points there. I mean, the best treatment for a termite-infested tree is to uproot the whole tree and destroy it. And not only this bn tree infested with termites, there are worms everywhere! Urrgh! :)

Kata Tak Nak said...

Of course Pak Lah has to bear the blame, there is no running away from it. His fault is that he did not kill Mahathirism, he nourished it.

I agree with you, Najib led the campaign probably right from the burial ground so he has to shoulder the blame. To be forgiven by the people he has to kill Mahathirism completely which I think is not possible.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Mr. Right.
Pak Lah peunya report card sangat terok sampai ckg dia tulis, "Sila jumpa saya dengan Ghee satu tin".

Yes, Najib is UMNO's PM not our PM. They should hold a referendum. Malaysia can't afford another weak clueless leader.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, it started in 99 only to stall for a while because of pak Lah's promises but once people saw that they were empty promises the spirit of 99 turned to 08/03/08.

BN knows no other way then their old ways which was a product of the Tun.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Despite knowing that Farid is a loust choice they still went ahead because they thought they could cheat their way through but they did not realise that the ghost of 99 has resurfaced.

If its difficult to uproot then just burn it down but then again, I think their arrogance is burning them down we just watch.

Anonymous said...


You are Absolutely Right!

Malaysian Joe said...


MCA: We have delivered the Chinese votes...
MIC: We have told the Indians to vote BeeEnd...
Abdullah: Jeep... apa la.. bagi berjuta kontrak oso cannot win ka?
Najib: PaLala.. candidate your choice wut...
Said: Si Jusoh punya angkara..
Jusoh: Said got no support la...

So it goes around.. at the end.. they remain the same and that will spell the beginning of the end. I read somewhere that it said the RAHMAN legacy is correct. N will stand for Najib except the fact that.. its the END of the legacy and BN.

Then it starts a while new era.. N.A.J.I.B. A for? Eh?

Mior Azhar said...

Well said!

Zaidi Al-Kashafi said...

Parti Pakatan Rakyat sudah semakin kuat.


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