Friday, 2 January 2009

All I wanted for New Year is ....

I am basically a peace loving man who hates violence, meaning I am just like the rest of you readers who love a peaceful existence in this beautiful land of ours.

I tried to stay away from writing on matters that reveals the violent streak in me which I believe everyone of us has. Yes, there is violence in all of us which we had successfully kept in check.

I would only venture out of this safe cocoon of mine when something really gets to me, gets deep inside of me and troubles me so mush so that I could not just go without venting my anger. If I chose to remain quite and swallow it all I fear the violent in me would get physical. Either it eats me up and gives me an ulcer or it chooses to manifest itself in a physical way.

When I get into this vile mood, I let it off in the most vicious manner I could think off. Trying to compose myself and prevent myself into turning into a physically vicious, savage and spiteful monster, I persuaded myself to write about it. At least those who don't like it could just skip and venture off somewhere.

I am going to call this my New Year's wish. All I wanted for new year is to see the leaders of the illegal state of Israel and their supporters, together with their generals suffer the pains that are not even found in hell.

I have no fucking idea as to who is the fucking bastard who helms that illegal state now but I sure do wish I could get my hands on him. No I won't pound him to a pulp because that would mean instant death and I surely would not want that to happen to him.

His recent round of killings and maimings in Palestine does not deserve just a death sentence. I would be a sin to just kill him. He has to suffer the combine sufferings of all the victims and their kins and friends. He must be made to suffer the combine hardship of the people of Palestine. He must be made to experience the combine fear inflicted on the lives of all the people of Palestine.

Shaming him by making him walk naked in public is just too mild. He should feel the greatest of pain with every step he takes and feel more pain every second he stops.

I have lost my appetite on that bastard. I just wish I have it in me to inflict hellish pains every second that he breathes and that he would live to the end of this century.

My next focus of this extreme hatred I have in me is none other than George Shoeface Bush Jr. This is the biggest devil that has ever set foot on this Earth. No Hitler or Stalin is nothing compared to this evil man.

I just wish that I could send him strapped naked to one of those  nuclear missiles that he sent to maim people and that the missile would take like forever to reach its destination. It would, on its way, bump into thorny bushes and scrapyards with pointed metal edges jutting out indiscriminately.

While on the flight, a 100 pound tin ingot would be tied to each of his balls and sharp barb wire would be spun tightly around his flaccid dick with the spikes pointing inwards. He would then be given enough viagra to last the whole trip and that my readers is just the beginning.

Okay, okay, I would not want to get anymore graphic because I have now lost my appetite with this devil from hell.

Yes, I know there would be wise guys who would question those Islamic suicide bombers and so-called terrorists. All I have to say, is that this injustice is not started by them. When they have been treated like pariah dogs, cornered and beaten and shamed then to some, reprisal is no longer an option, it becomes a duty and I find it very difficult to disagree with them though I don't condone it. So if you come in and question this, I would just delete your comment.

Aah, that is a load off my chest so now I will just put the C4s back in the chest and wait for another day. Oh, anyway Happy new Year.


Piggy Singh said...

Salam Cikgu,

The event that I really look forward to seeing this year is that Rafa's boys bring back the title, ha ha ha, Cikgu jangan mare.


Kata Tak Nak said...

Tak mare. I think your dream is just like the one that I wrote in this post, it will never happen.

kopitelp16 said...

Hahaha.... LFC will bring the title back. that's my new year wish too! Your ManU can be 2nd.

Happy new Year and You'll Never Walk Alone!

Kata Tak Nak said...

By end of Jan, there will be a new leader in the league. Liverpool just not ready, not this year, not under this manager and definitely not with this line up.

Happy new Year to all.

Ridzzy said...

Wah! all kopites gathering here ya?

Ok la, i nak join sekali.. I have a very good feeling this season for us.

I think when we can score 5 goals withiout our top striker, its a very good sign. Bagi chance la chegu, dah lama sangat dah...

Kata Tak Nak said...

Okay la saya bagi liv dapat number 2, kalau tak mau saya nanti bagi jadi champ Malaysian Super League baru tau.

Melawak saja okay. Frankly, it would be tight but like I said, your team do not have the players and attitude worse still the manager. Tukaq Rafa and maybe bring in big temperament players mungkin buleh.
Just my 2 cents la.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

Hehe, I thought, for a moment, all you wanted was Angelina Jolie ;)

Kata Tak Nak said...

Angie comes in a close second

Anonymous said...

wah cikgu, such anger and hatred.calm down.all sensible malaysians share ur feelings.but then how can we help? being angry doesnt do much gud.thnik about how u can help those oppressed souls in the land of palestine.peace be upon u cikgu.

Anonymous said...

Cikgu, there is always hope, read the article


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