Saturday, 31 January 2009

They all cannot, we all can

Sarkas1: Hoi, you heard or not about that Kugan fellow ka? His case now very hot la.

Sarkas2: Kugan? Which Kugan? Samy Vellu got son name Kugan ka?

Sarkas1: No la, that suspected car-thief who died in police custody?

Sarkas2: Hmmm, yes, yes, oh his name Kugan ka? So what, what's so important?

Sarkas1: They all making a lot of noise about his death la. They say he was tortured to death la.

Sarkas2: This is the problem with us Malaysians la, when some one die in police lockup they are quick to blame the police. What did the police say he die of?

Sarkas1: They say it was due to fluid in the lungs.

Sarkas2: Sure la, this kind of common thief where got sleep at night, they all merayau and ronda everywhere at night so surely to get the embun la. That one also they all cannot see ka? So quick to blame the police one.

Sarkas1: Yes la, but when his family burst into the morgue they took pictures of his body, got wound marks all over la.

Sarkas2: Yes la, when they all do the autopsy sometimes the body fall or the family did it themselves just to make stories.

Sarkas1: I don't think so la. I think something is wrong la.

Sarkas2: You also just like them la. Our law enforcement people are very professional la, they don't do such things la. I know la. This is Malaysia, we are very fair la.

Sarkas1: The second autopsy report stated that he could have drowned to death la.

Sarkas2: Yes la, when there is fluid in the lungs you drown la, simple what?

Sarkas1: But many people outside there say that there is foul play what?

Sarkas2: They all surely opposition people la. You know la our opposition people always want to find fault with the government one.

Sarkas3: Hoi what are you all talking about?

Sarkas2: This fellow here la, he think that Sundram fellow's death is because of police brutality.

Sarkas3: Sundram? Where got Sundram, Kugan la.

Sarkas2: Ha, Kugan, alaah, not important la, Sundram or Kugan or Samy, he is a car thief la. Our people ha, their head screw up one la, a thief like that also they want to defend ka?

Sarkas3:Talking about this ha, you know or not about one of our people, that youth wing division head you met last week? Ha, that one, he made a report that the anti corruption people tortured him during interrogation la.

Sarkas2: What? They torture him? Alamak, he is my good friend la. You sure ka?

sarkas3: Here I got a copy of the report.

Sarkas2: Where, where? Celaka punya anti corruption people, who they think they are? I tell you ah, our law enforcement people are too much la. I know they like to torture people one. Bloody basketball they all. Why keep quiet? We all must demonstrate la like this. We must condemn this act. they all same la, BPR, Police, Immigration and that RELA also same la.

Sarkas1: Just now in Kugan's case, you said, our law enforcers are professional?

SarKas2: This one different, this one our people, a leader somemore. Kugan is a thief.

Sarkas1: Not proven yet what. Even if he is a thief I don't think he desreved to be tortured to death la. Even if he is a thief, he steals only from a few people la but that friend of yours is also a thief what, and he steals from all the people.

Sarkas2: What do you mean he is a thief?

Sarkas1: You tell me one division leader who doesn't steal the people's money.


funnyfella said...

we are a very divided society, always thinking in term of -'our people and their people'. We have been programme to think this way by divide and rule policies for far too long.We focus on trivial matter but lost focus on the whole picture which are more important.

tj said...


msiaman said...


A very god one here! ha ha ha..... can't help laughing...

Mike said...

Che'gu, I love your stories lah, some made me laugh aloud, which hardly happen to me for some time. Sometimes, with good logic, you seem to express in writing similar thoughts that are embedded deep in me.

Kugan is only a suspect, but the real villains are out there living luxuriously.

Opportunities to halt the villains are there but 'the parties'(PR) are involved in trivial matters instead. What a pity to this country and its citizens, Chegu.

Eskapisminda said...

Itulah dia peel makhluk yang bermuka-muka. Orang kena dia ketawa. Kalau dia kena bukan main murka. Apa cerita. Kata Islam, tapi pilih warna. Cheh.

p/s: good one. :)

tokasid said...

Sarkas4: Hey guys! Wah you all so absorbed in conversation.What topic you talking?

Sarkas1: We talking about Kugan,the guy who died while being intergorated by the police team.They say he got fluids in his lungs.

Sarkas4: Oh that one ahh...I know why he got fluids.

Sarkas2: Ya ka? Hw you know?

Sarkas4: I remember when I was small my grandma told me not to bathe at night.

Sarkas1: Why cannot?

Sarkas4: so stupid laa...My nenek said if you bath at night you will get fluid in the lungs when you grow up.So I think this Kugan like to mandi malam when he was a kid laa....

Sarkas2: thats why la Sarkas1.Not because police beat him up.

mem-Besar said...

*lol* good one!!

heran gak kan naper pulak di"arwah"kannya Kugan tu ..

ada yang takut kot nanti bila Kugan kena soal siasat n ditanya saper Boss dia .. hah!! susah nanti ..

Kata Tak Nak said...

Our leaders divided us and for a while many like being divided but not anymore.

Kata Tak Nak said...


Kata Tak Nak said...


Kata Tak Nak said...

That is what I want to show, the real robbers who stole from the people are protected while mere suspects who could be working for very high up people are tortured.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Saya memang seronok baca orang sarkas marah kat commission baru tu bila depa kena jentik sikit tapi depa memang tau apa pak doyok dok buat kat orang lain dan depa diam saja.

Kata Tak Nak said...

And they think we are stupid to take their word for it. How come no mention about other injuries? How come no question asked about the nature of the fluid? Don't tell me they don't know if the fluid comes from outside or from inside. Awat la depa ni. Yang aku marah ialah depa ingat kita bodoh bila bagi excuse bodoh.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Itu betoi tu kalu tidak buat apa bunuh dia tu? Takkan pasai dia ejek depa kot?

peng said...

Doesn't it hurt and isn't it sad that in Malaysia, there is a different set of laws for the VIPs, YBs etc and another for the ordinary folks! No money, no talk. That's the motto we are ruled by..

monsterball said...

Nice script.
It shows the mentalities of some of our the think and talk.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes different set and laws and different set of judgments for different people.

Kata Tak Nak said...

They talk through their arse to be precise.

:: Aku :: said...

eheheh...btul laa btul laa...diaorg ni memang hampeh tahap gaban...kalau bab org lain...bkn main lagi cari salah...kalau org sendiri, dah salah pun sibuk cari cerita nak betulkan...

hampeh and hancus...

rastom said...

You tell me one division leader who doesn't steal the people's money. Hohoho nicer and very yarticulate la!

umialia said...

Sya bersyukur boleh melayari internet n get info to balance up with the one published by mainstream newspaper.
Kepada kawan2 yg hanya depends on TV n newspaper, they really have in mind -why people struggling hard to protect or fight for the thief.
They juz don't get the idea ,what we r shouting is to stop the torture to suspect by the enforcement.


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