Friday, 27 July 2007

Gud Prestasation

Police :Tan Sri welcome to my station.
TanSri :Oh tankiu. Your stesen is very cleanful.
Police : Thank you Tan Sri. How may I help you?
TanSri : Wa you beri gud. I only kam wan minit you oredi wan tu hep me. I will tel yu boss. Yu prestasation beri gud.
Police : Tankiu Tan Sri. Can you help me get transferred to Johore?
TanSri : Ha, ha, ha, yu oso wan tu go joho. Can mik mani de? Ha, ha, I laik yu.
Police : Thank you Tan Sri, now how can I help you?
TanSri : Ha, ha, ha tuday 2 taims yu wan tu hep me. Ha, ha, ha, yu bery gud.
Police : Thank you Tan Sri. So you come here for what Tan Sri?
TanSri : Ha, ha, ha, I wan tu mik a pulis repot.
Police : Sure, sure Tan Sri. Please have a seat and I will get my man to help you.
TanSri : Ha, ha, ha, tuday 3 taims yu wan tu hep me. I laik yu, I laik yu.
Police: : What is your report about Tan Sri.
TanSri: Got wan king son bery bad. oways say bad tings abot the Agong. I Malaysians bery angri. Bad prestasation wan.
Police: Who is that fellow Tan Sri.
TanSri: Wait. Ape name si penulis blog tu? Raje Din? Okay. Oh he name is King Din. Bery bad pipel he.
Police: What did he do Tan Sri.
TanSri: Oh he bery noti. He say many bad tings abot Agong and he say many tings can mik the pipel fait fait. If pipel fait fait the kontri prestasation go down. Ha, ha, ha, no go down tu Ostolia, Ostolia for put mani only. Ha, ha, ha, I beri fani.
Police: Where and when did he say all these?
TanSri: Oh hi say dis in the komputer. Yu know the komputer put the talipon wayar and pipel eberiwe eberiwe can communication.
Police: Oh, you mean the internet?
TanSri: Ha yes, yes, net, net. Beri noti pipel he. Bad prestasation.
Police: Don't worry TanSri we will apprehand him.
TanSri: Hmm? ok ok after yu apri his hand yu apri his leg oso.
Police: Er, Tan Sri, about my transfer to Johor?
TanSri: Ha, ha, ha, wan tu mik mani ha? ok ok I mobile the chif now. ha, ha, ha, yu same laik mi. wi tu gud prestasation.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hahaha...hilarious la cikgu. it looks even more fictional that that particular tan sri can understand english.

zabs said...

Salam Che'gu,

Eh! Wat yu talking about aa.......
This is gud prestasation man, can mek gud reeding.

Nak Tak Nak said...

Kerp, Zabs,
Tankiu for kaming and riding my post office and giving yu komentesen.

alhusseyn said...

Ha! ha! yu rait beri pani wan!.I toktok litel inglisy bat i got big big mani wan.Mani pipel lap and lik mee!

Mat Salo said...

Veli funny laa Chegu. Damn.. chegu, this stuff should be on Malaysia-Today!

Err, you ting 'Doble Emp Ty' can preseeyet dis sot of joke aah?

Veri guud prestasation! I laik!

monsterball said...


Nak Tak Nak said...

Pipel always laik mani wan. Mor mani better.

Nak Tak Nak said...

Dis pipel where no how to preseeyet jokes. After he say I say bad tings abot the Agong, sure I die wan

Nak Tak Nak said...

Maybe wan day I rait skrip abot Malaysia politik

monsterball said...

hahahahaha...You sure know how to talk like him too!!

Nak Tak Nak said...

He himself said that he doesn't speak and understand English what?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ya la mr goh. u got that one completely wrong. this brand of KTN's english may not me correct in terms of spelling but its much better than not knowing at all, like that former headmaster fella.

mamat mamat tensen said...

gud prestasation onot, awer gud raja is put tu tas by agenda daily, chelen to show hu got bol at klcc, if kenot pruf khairy gif mani to sponsor the blogsite. wat u oll ting ebot dis, ha? ha?

monsterball said...

I like this blog..I really do.
kata tak nak is not only witty ...but serious in his thoughts for the future generations.
That's how a blogger will get more and more attentions from visitors....which will surely attract anti him this or that to attack him right at his blog in the future.
When that is sign he is getting more and more attentions from visitors and these scoundrels will they are doing now to Susan...22000++ spams so far. can you handle the stress KTN?.......HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Success do come with a be prepared.
Coming here right stress free for me.....sort of back to my temple to have peace and be down to earth. Met kerp from here ....and realize he is non political blogger too.

Nak Tak Nak said...

I am glad that you like to come here. You are always welcome. Yes you are right about the attention that a blog might attract. Maybe mine is different from Susan's. She is an 'A' list blogger while I am a nobody and I would like it to remain that way.

I like to blog about life and myself and family and friends. I don't consider myself a political blogger. Thanx again Monty.

tokasid said...

Salam che'gu.

Gud monin ticha. Sori I late-late si ticha's rait dis stori. I weekend go bek si mai mada at Tepen one. At mai mada haus no got intanet and I lazi wan go to saiba kaypey.

i laik ticha raiting Tan sri stori. I feel mai ketiak funi yu no ka ticha.

Tangkiu ticha sir!

Raden Galoh said...

Hahahahahaa....(takleh nak komen...lawak sakan!) Hahahaha...

Nak Tak Nak said...

Doc, Raden,
Glad you liked it. Sekali sekala kita campurkan yang serious dengan yang ringan la kalau tidak pening kepala hidup ni.

WANSHANA said...


This really made my day...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Nak Tak Nak said...

Glad you liked it. Just something light.

anaktelosan said...

17 Rajab 1428

Yu med mai dey.

Ramli AR

Anonymous said...

KELAKAR la cikgu nye prestastion...hehehe

Monster Mom said...

Dis en3, veri la de gud wan...

Ken mek pipel very hepi...


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