Wednesday, 4 July 2007

The Loves of My Life

Let me introduce you to the people you see in the banner up there. Why are they up there? They are my life.

1. Of course my wife (Asma Bee) comes first. I'd had it if I were to put her anywhere but first. Yes, she is first indeed. We've been married for close to 28 years now. Tell you a secret. She is actually my cousin. She is the youngest child of my late mother's eldest sister. The truth, she was not my first choice, no she wasn't a choice at all. She knows it. My late father adored her and to please him who was quite unwell when I was asked for the umpteenth time, I agreed. I am glad I did coz he died knowing that I am marrying his choice. My own choice was a no no coz her mum had other ideas. I am glad I married her coz she has been a faithful and loving wife. I don't know what I would do without her.

2. Then comes my eldest daughter, Mazira Nazir. She will be 27 this august, born exactly 9 months 10 days from the day I got married. Sharpshooter eh! When she was born in the Penang GH I was in Kelantan. She understands me completely. Just two weeks ago she bought me a Bonia sandal. I said no coz it was too expensive but she can be very stubborn. She is a bank clerk with CIMB.

3. Next to her is her husband Mashal Faizal. He is 30 and is also a clerk with CIMB. The love of my daughter's life is also the love of my life. He is like a son to me. He is rather quite. Maybe he married into the wrong family coz he is a diehard Liverpool fan living in Manchester United's den. Everyone else accept my wife who knows nothing about football are Manchester United fanatics.

4. Next is my son, Muneer Khan Nazir 23. It was very difficult for me to give in to him to go into the music industry but he loved singing too much so I gave in. He is currently with a Hip Hop group Urban Method and has cut their first album Evolusi which is not doing too well. Their hit single Wajah Rahsia Hati featuring the original singer Ogy Ahmad Daud did make it to no 2 in the Radio Era charts and stayed in the charts for a few weeks. He is still struggling. He intends to move to KL this August and I reluctantly agreed. I pray that he has made the right decision coz I would only blame myself if he bombed.

5. Next to him is his girlfriend Phone, 23. She is a Thai student in KDU Penang. She comes from Bangkok and presently is still a Buddhist. She has been staying with us for the past 9 to 10 months at my request. If she is going to learn anything about Islam then she should stay with a Muslim family. If she fancies Islam then convert if not then don't but that would mean no marriage. After getting her diploma she would be going to New Zealand to do her degree. I pray that their relationship lasts. I cannot get involved, this is their lives.

6. My youngest daughter is Mazira Nazir 20. She is very 'manja' especially with me. Her mother would tease her that I was the one who gave birth to her. I worry about her too. Early last year she was offered a place in the SPT Politeknik where she spent only a week. I had to go over everyday coz she was giving me so much problem and in the end I had to take her home. She is currently helping her mother caring for the 5 lovely angels. No luck yet with seeking employment.

My wife started baby sitting 10 years ago. A couple who happens to be friends of her niece desperately needed someone to care for their soon to be delivered baby and since we too needed the money, my wife agreed and like they say the rest is history.

7. Danial 10. He is the eldest of the 5. He is very good with computers. He loves strategy games and can sit in front of the computer for hours. In fact, this computer is more his than mine. He sleeps over when ever he feels like it and that is quite often.

8. Then there is Nur Sabrina 8. She is a real talkative girl and I know she is my wife's favourite. Don't get me wrong, she loves the others too but Sabrina is a little bit special to her.

9. Nur Qaisara is 7. She is a little bit sickly and can't really speak that well yet but she is a real pretty girl. My wife always accuses me of favouring her but that is not true. I love all of them.

10. Nur Kamelia is next. She is 5 and is the brightest of the lot. A real talker, she can win anyone's heart with her charms. At time she can be very stubborn. She has for the past few months started to play games on this computer and they really quarrel over it.

11. The latest addition is Iskandar Zulkarnain 11 months. He is a real darling. He makes all my aches go away when I come home. The moment he sees me dressed up for school, he would crawl up to me putting his hands up. How could I refuse. When I reach home at about 7 he would be waiting and would crawl real fast to the door begging me to lift him. All my problems, worries and aches would just disappear. He stays over quite a lot.

There you are, my extended family. I may not be a rich man, but I am a happy man.


tokasid said...

Salam che'gu"

You sure have a warm and friendly family. The kids are your unofficial cucus.

I think if Phone decides to be part of your family, she'll suit in well.

Happiness is something that money can't buy che'gu.I'd prefer happiness anytime too.

kerp said...


u and missus do have something in common with my parents. 10 years ago, my former chinese neighbour gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and mom held her in her arms since she was a day old and went on to become my parents' goddaughter. we've moved to different places respectively but my dad wld pick her up regularly. she's a darling and an apple of my parents eyes.

like u, cikgu, we're rich, not financially, but with love. sometimes that is all that matters.

p/s- aisehmann...ur eldest already taken...hahaha

bru99 said...

Cik gu,

Thank you for sharing your happiness in this blog with us, and its true, cik gu, happiness you can't buy with money but with just a smile from your wife is enough for you to forget all the problems that you have at the office and the faces of our young sons and daughters will make our aches go away.

Nak Tak Nak said...

Sorry the eldest is taken otherwise... who knows.

I hope and pray that before I shut my eyes forever, my children would be independent and able to fend for themselves.

Happiness is when you are with those you love. Happiness is when those you love sooth your aches away.

monsterball said...

You are rich in life and happiness that money cannot buy.
Hope your young daughter get a job soon.
If your son fail in his career as a musician in is not your fault.These days..they maybe polite to ask permission...but if you object....they will do exactly what they like anyway. Sometimes...failing is a blessing in disguise. He is still young..let him go and search for his own destiny. We are helpless sometimes....not like before.
As for marriage...Chinese will avoid marriage close relations for fear of not so smart off springs....but am glad you have a wonderful wife with nice smart children. Perhaps God sees you a an exceptionally good son and cancel the close genes matter to make sure ...your family is healthy and well....including you and your wife....or without will be nothing. That's how Allah works in mysterous ways.

Nak Tak Nak said...

I know that and that was why initially I was not in favour of the marriage. In fact I was 19 when my father first proposed the idea and kept proposing it until I was 23. That time I could feel that my father was very unwell so I accept and true enough after 5 months my father died.

monsterball said...

Glad you know....but God is great!!
You are lucky to have normal children and you did marry the right woman....somehow.
Bless you and your family.

Apandi said...

Cikgu, that is really what being "rich" is all about. Lucky you to have all those people around you as I know of a multi millionnaire who comes home to a house full of servants and sleeps alone, refuses to let anyone get too close lest they are after his money etc. He, in comparison to you is a pauper.

Nak Tak Nak said...

My only wish is I can give them more.


Raden Galoh said...

Bro, You have a wholesome of lovely children...they hv become responsible and loving adults too...

can't help noticing...your eldest and youngest have similar nems? Mazira? I salah baca ke ek?

Regards to kakak. Hope she doing fine after the surgery...Take care and salam.

acciaccatura said...

Not a rich man? Happy is luxury, alhamdulillah.

Mat Salo said...


I've always wondered about that "banner" and when you might introduce your lovely family to us. Finally you did, and I can see how proud you are of them and how happy they make you feel.

Betoi laa Beetle dok kata, "Can't buy you love..."


P.S. Hope yang nak jadi pemuzik tu will find success. Nama depa pon dah 'glamor'laa Chegu. Muneer Khan Nazir..nice ring to it...

elviza said...


Beautiful post, beautiful family, beautiful life. What more can I say?

Nak Tak Nak said...

Raden, The eldest is Marziah and the youngest is Mazira. Dulu I tak berapa kisah tentang maksud so bila check lani Mazira dalam Arab tak dak makna.

Bila hati senang susah macam mana pun tak rasa terlalu tertekan.

He is quiet serious so I let him anyway its his life, kita sebagi parents hanya buleh bagi pandangan at the end of the day it is their decision. Maybe some will say that giving my children freedom of choice is irresponsible but I think differently.

Thanks I truly appreciate it.

kerp said...

cikgu, u said 'Maybe some will say that giving my children freedom of choice is irresponsible but I think differently'.

U r just one cool dad. thats how how i look at it.

zabs said...

Salam Che'gu, Can't agree more with you on that.

monsterball said...

kerp...that's love is blind from KTN to his children.
We loving fathers do have idiotic brains ..when come to our children matters...then worry day and night...thinking were they right or wrong decisions.
It happens over and over again...even children are on their worrying whether grandchidren have enough or no or are they tsxing the parents too much. All these will stop quite naturally...if children are filthy rich...and is taking care of us.
Since true love cannot be bought by wealth...KTN loves to worry stay young healthy and alert.These money cannot buy.

kerp said...

mr goh,

i'm not a dad myself but i can sort of detect if one is a cool dad or not. and u r right. fathers wld do anything for his kids in the name of love, even if he may not agree on certain things of his kid's actions. like it or not, he respects and supportive of the kid's choices.

now this is wat i meant by being a cool dad.

Nak Tak Nak said...

Monty, Kerp, Zabs,
To those who have children they would understand. I am not saying that parents who want to control their children's every move are wrong. That is their style of raising their children. I hope they will not say my way of giving freedom to my children is wrong. I respect their rights and they in return should respect mine.

The bottom line is the children themselves. How they decide will determine what happens to them. One important thing that I believe parents should do is to instill into their children the love for god and religion.

monsterball said...

kata tak nak...Children that are religious as well as stay lovingly in their hearts for their parents usually are responsible Malaysians in the making.
Unfortunately.....forces of easy money are available. Everyone can get a credit card and sign RM5000....can't to the parents for help. Cards companies should not make excuses like what we read today...blaming irresponsible users. It is like the cigarettes companies...promoting to the children...yet blame not enough controls by govt. WE HAVE SEEN ALL THESE SMART BLOKES DO THEIR MARKETING WORK.
Now cars can buy with RM500 deposit...for 7 years installments.
So what I am trying to say..kata nak that time has changed...and so much more temptations surrounds our children.
All will be crazy for money...not God nor love parents too much. They are busy chasing for money to pay this or that.

buayaputih said...

Salam chegu,

2 things;

1. I am touched - by your simple but happy life.

2. I am broken-hearted - itu jam bila dapat tau yang gambar atas tu GF ur son, takde chan mau panggey chegu bapaaaakkk..(sorry chegu, gurau2, no offense ok)

Nak Tak Nak said...

Alah biasa la. I am very used to these kinds of jokes. Anyway you are Buayaputih not BuayaDarat. Tok Gitu?


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