Wednesday, 1 August 2007

No Sports Please YB.

I am a little bit happy with Pak Lah's announcement regarding cabinet ministers being barred from heading any sports association. It should actually be extended. They must not hold any post whatsoever. Being a minister is not an easy job so do that job first. They have already got their Datukships and Tan Sriships so what else do they want? Just drop it.

Since he has suddenly shown an interest in Malaysian sports I hope the PM would extend his ban to all YBs government or opposition. Their jobs require them to serve their constituency and not manage some sports association. Leave the job of leading sports associations to the pros. We have seen how incompetent YBs and Ministers are in doing any job given so why be stupid and allow them to destroy our sports.

When I say that they should not hold any post in any sports association I also mean that they should not even be in the selection committees. This is where the rot starts. How many times have we heard that so and so is chosen because of his affiliation with a certain YB or Ketua Bahagian or big shot. Can anyone dare say that the players picked to represent the country in the AFC recently are really the best we have?

I dare say, that these are the connected ones. There are many more players especially those who hail from the interior who are left out for want of connection. So how good you are in handling a ball is not as important as how good you are in sucking balls.

No point in reminiscing the good old days. No point in recollecting the stunning goals of Mokhtar Dahari, the tightness of Chin Aun and Santokh Singh's defence, the presicion passes and vision of Choon Wah and Shukor Salleh and the acrobatic saves of Chow Chee Keong, Arumugam and Rashid Hassan.

When a dish which once was tasty suddenly becomes flat, it could pretty well be because the recipe is not the same. We should look at this in our football. What is football in schools nowadays. I am a teacher and let me tell you this. PJ in schools have declined into a filler subject. By filler I mean, teachers are given a class or two of PJ just to make up their total number of teaching periods. In some schools, PJ specialists are completely ignored and given some academic subjects to teach.

The teaching of skills in games and athletics is almost non-existence. I remember when I was in school, PJ was a lesson where we would be introduced to basic skills in games and gymnastics. Nowadays, it is almost alway, toss a ball and let the 30 or 40 pupils play. Those who are not keen just sit around and talk with their friends.

Do we really have the proper infrastructure to develop games? How many tournaments does a district has? Are there age group leagues? How many playable fields do we have? How many teachers are qualified to be referees and coaches? How much is allocated for games in schools? All these have to be looked into if we want to try to improve our sports.


tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:

Unfortunately most schools didn't have the adequate and necessary infrastucture for sports. We've seen several schools have no padang due to new school blocks( SK Bandar Hilir is one example). And we don't have enough specialised sports' teacher.

But we want results, right? We want the world to know that our athelics are world class. Most of those who excelled are individual sports or small teams.

When it comes to big team sports like football,rugby,hockey we somehow slide down the list like an avalanche.

We need sport leaders who loves the sport and had the knowledge about the sport.And the know-how of team management.
I had to agree with Lim Tiong Kim's comment 2 weeks ago : If our infrastructure and development is bad, no coach in the world can help our National team. Apart from that we need to groom dedicated officials,coaches and players.

Nak Tak Nak said...

Your comment is on the dot. What irks me is that this people, the policy makers know about all these but they can't be bothered. When a new school is built why can't they plan for a decent size padang that could accommodate at least a 300m track and a standard size football field? Why can't they grant about 20K or 30K to kick start the sports program in the school?

I was a sport sec in a new school once and you know how much I got to spend for the 1st year? RM750.00. We went in naked and that was the amount I had to start with.

zabs said...

Salam Che'gu,

Pagi tadi saya dengar radio, dia kata KM dan MB tak termasuk dalam ruling tu. Kenapa ada double standard lagi. Kalau nak ban, ban semualah termasuk YB2 yang takda jawatan pun. Baru depa ada masa untuk lawat kawasan selalu. kalau tidak asyik meeting ajelah. Bila nak kerja?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


its high time they get rid of these rats who knows nuts abt the sport of the association they helm. y r they so high up there in the first place is beyond me.

i mean, if we want to excel in a sport, get an expert of tht particular game and not poliricians who, as u mentioned, has more important stuff to mind about. and as a result, sports association will be in bad shape, thus detriments the sport in process.

Nak Tak Nak said...

I just heard what Pak Lah had to say regarding his decision and I fully agree with him. I think Chief Ministers and Menteri Besars shouldn't be exceptions too and so too the YBs. The YBs are the dangerous people.

Maybe more money should be spent in sports development especially in providing 1st class infrastructure and training personnel.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


i cant see any reason y the CMs and the MBs shld be spared frm getting the axe. these r the politicians the issue is highlighting. so if they r spared, it will only be back to square one.

thank you.

Hi&Lo said...

Che Gu,

Sports is more than glory. It has a lot to teach us how to rise to the occasion. Discipline, dedication and commitment towards a goal cannot be learnt from books or taught.

Sports also teaches us how to handle triumph and defeat. These lessons will stand us in good stead under any circumstances.

Any wonder why sports pages and obituaries are side by side in any newspaper? Sports is the drama of life and death gives meaning to life.

Because there is an end to life, it gives us purpose to make full use of our time while we still have it.

Any one still remember the Commonwealth Games held in KL? One Selangor State Exco tried to make his daughter into the national gymnastic squad. The whole multiracial team protested aganist the political meddling and threatened to resign en masse. In the end reasons won the day.

Had the team-mates been selfish, politics would have trashed sportsmanship.

We cannot think in terms of our narrow interest. In the end all of us lose.

Nak Tak Nak said...

True, and sports have suffered greatly from the meddling hands of politicians. Its sad coz I am sure that amongst the many politicians there are bound to be some who could lead sports association effectively but by the very nature of the power they wield they tend to misuse it. They treat these associations like a political party.

monsterball said...

I think what Pak Lah did shows he loves the young Malaysians and realize sports is where race and religion are all forgotten.
That is a very good smart decision.
But will the carry put his instructions...will be the thing we need to watch.
I am sick of football and badminton politics.

Anonymous said...

salam Che Gu,

Bukan saja politician & MB, ex politician pun tok sah bagi.
Hang tengok si Brahim Saad, tang mana dia pi pun dia bagi hancok.
Apa dia tau pasai bola?? Masa kita sibuk dok support Malaysia dalam AFC matches dia baguih do relek kat oversea. Kalau macam ni punya orang pun ada memang hancok.


Nak Tak Nak said...

Mangkok Ibrahim Saad tu tau apa pasai bola. Nak tadbir apa pun dia tak tau la. Depa ni semua opportunist saja.


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