Monday, 18 January 2010

Damn the doctor

I am moved to tears by this development. All this prove that I have been wrong in my opinion about this people. Oh God please forgive me for I have wronged the UMNO and BN people.

After wiping the tears of joy after reading this, I started having visions of things to come. Yes visions of more reports; visions of so many reports that police stations all over the country had to open special counters.

Amongst the reports:

1. Pemuda UMNO makes reports that government ministers and past ministers' children got special preferences in conducting businesses with government guarantees. The guarantees had to be invoked because the businesses kaputed the first day they took flight because of excessive bank loans.

2. UMNO itself makes reports that purchases of military equipments were not done above board and companies with links to ministers made huge profits without having to lift a finger.

3. MCA makes a report that government contracts were given to cronies at blown up prices.

4. A Minister in the Prime Miniater's Department makes a report that certain highly connected VIPs were and still are given immunity from prosecution.

5. The MIC makes a reports that many highways were built with bad designs and inferior quality materials.

6. A certain ex MB makes a report that state agencies were used by certain government officials to fund pleasure trips overseas.

7. UMNO, MIC, MCA and GERAKAN made joint reports that all local governments misuse state and federal funds.

8. The BN makes a report against the SPR for irregularities in the electoral rolls eversince independence.

9. The BN makes a report that Ministers misuse government machineries during all elections and by elections.

10. I myself make a report that a certain doctor had perscribed me medicines that make me lose my mental faculty thus having visions of all of the above.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hehehe...and Selangor UMNO Youth to make a report against Mat Tempe for all the misdeeds (every single allegation) he's done during his time as their no 1 state boss.

cakapaje said...

Salam Cikgu,

lol! Been too long away from blogs, I have ;D As usual, your wits are the anecdotes needed to liven one's week.

Say, that Doc who prescribed you the medication; that wouldn't be our good friend in Melaka, would it? ;D

ahoo said...

Chegu, the Sun will rise from the West when they report against their own inefficiency. Against all odds that may happen when they are out of office and in opposition. Wanting to gain top post, they then bring out the dirty dozens and hang it to dry.

Mike said...

Great Chegu, and the BN, in their bid to win back the voters' hearts, will hold a Day of Confession and Remorse over all their misdeeds and promise to be as clean as Samy Velu when he was a baby.

"We have already taken a lot so we promise not to take anymore. But if You all vote the PR, there will be another round of looting" says all of the BN under oath.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cikgu,

I think you may have over indulged in certain foods on your missus 51st birthday that you are beginning to hallucinate and dreaming the unimaginable. I hope you will wake up soon from dreamland and replace your dreams list with 1UMNO making all the police reports against Pakatan Rakyat and anyone else who are non UMNO.

For sure the 1UMNO imbeciles have truly run out of ideas so making police reports seems to be most exciting thing to do nowadays. Oh I also forgot about the 1UMNO dogs (1MACC, 1AG, some unnamed 1NGOs and 1Anyone who are begging for bones) who are also inflicted with "making police reports' disease.

Soon the 1PIG will also make a police report himself against the Kota Kinabalu judge for calling him a less than reliable witness.......hahahahaha

Kata Tak Nak said...

I think Toyo would be making a report against himself la.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Its about time you got back. So when will there be a new post from you? Speaking of the doc, he has been spending too much time on facebook that he has forgotten that he has a blog to update.
Yes, its about medicines given by the doc. Come on prescribing the blue pill for toothache?

Kata Tak Nak said...

I think even the son would be in too much of a shock to even rise.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Was Sam ever clean? Even when he was a baby?

Kata Tak Nak said...

anon 13.59,
Evidently, I was having a wet dream.

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Umar Abdul Aziz Bin Hj Mohd Affandi Bin Abdul Rahman said...

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monsterball said...

Your report will fall into deaf ears.
You are incorrigible.
You funny bone in strong and keep growing.
When time for you to will die laughing...hahahahahahahahaha
I hope I will I can go like you....but not like
Just lie and go..OK..hahahahahaha
Right now...must like a little longer to cast my 13th GE vote and wait for the results.
Good news...celebrate like crazy...sleep eternal problem.
Meanwhile...the candle I burn from both ends..seem bright and strong.
Take friend..kata tak nak.

monsterball said...

The doctor said...we are lucky ..can eat 34 hours ..peacefully..not like the Palestinians.
Will he dare to compare Malaysia with South Korea..Taiwan or Singapore?
Your doctor ..who claim to be your telling a lie all his life.
He is so shameful to admit..he is half Indian. Why like that?
He also need to sure Barry Wain...too much trouble. kind and peaceful UMNO PMs suing.

hexhar said...

What happened to Toyo Tempe? It's quiet on the western front, something big is going to happen.

Ydiana said...

Hahaha....I really like your 'sense of humour' Cikgu. And I see some coincidences in your comments as well. :)


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