Thursday, 16 August 2007

Early Hiccup.

That's 4 points dropped. Two games and 2 draws and Chelsea doing okay with Reading which United failed to score against last Sunday is not exactly the kind of start that Man U fans are looking for.

Rooney's absence was greatly felt. The Man U forward line lack that explosiveness that Rooney could give them. Tevez was still trying to get to grips with the Man u game and tonight's performance shows how he has still got to jive with the rest of the players.

Lets not take the credit away from Portsmouth who played their life's best to deny the defending champion full points. They played a close game giving very little room for the champions to play their usual fluid game.

Scholes's goal was a real gem and typical Scholes, but everything ended there. Despite repeated probing into their opponent's penalty box they were still unable to find the back of the net. James's alertness and quick reflexes denied Ronaldo an almost certain goal off a free kick about 35 yards out.

Benjani's goal for Portsmouth was definitely a result of a defensive lapse. Vidic's failure to challenge Benjani's header in the end proved very costly for the defending Champions.

United, traditional slow starters in the Premier League barring last season where they had a great start, will now have to dig deep for a formula for their next match, the Manchester Derby. City has never been an easy opponent and the Manchester Derby has always been keenly fought. This season, City under the Thaksin regime removed to England, coupled with the experience of Erikson whose exploits in the transfer market has produced the necessary results would definitely more than a handful. The absence the dynamic duo, Rooney and Ronaldo would mean more pressure on United.

The Manchester Derby could see Anderson, the 19 year old new signing making his Premier League debut. Hargreaves too if pronounced fit may see play maybe as a substitute.

The league is only 2 games old, and despite the initial hiccup, Manchester United are expected to bounce back and challenge Chelsea again for the title. As for the pretenders Liverpool and Arsenal, they are not expected to make much headway since they are notoriously known to drop points, plenty of them, along the way.

Given this unexpected scenario, United is expected to be back at the top of the table by year's end.


Mr. Right said...

A draw is not bad since we are going to win against Portsmouth and get 4 pts from 2 games.

- your comment from previous entry.

Hehehe... wat happen? Ronaldo red card? Haiya.. aku tak tengok game. so unfair for me to comment. But 12th in the league, ermm... cepat bangun, tak syok la cam ni.

Dont worry we kick Moronho's ass this weekend, last nite ramai player Liverpool rested.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i didnt catch Man U's game this morning as my tele was tuned in to chnl 80 but i did follow the live update through soccernet.

i believe it was the type of game where a 2-goal cushion is all Man U needed but that elusive one didnt come. i spoke to my dad regarding Teves. it was only his first game and i cant think of anyone who can fit into rooney's shoes better than him.

but to have lost CR7 is a different scenario all together. in this case i cant think of anyone worth his replacement.

hey, transfer window is still open. sir alex may want to give some thought in purchasing back ups.

zewt said...

i personally think hargreaves is another saha... too injury prone. yest's match... palmarot and distin dominated the match physically.

Anonymous said...

ronaldo sux!! ahahaha

Nak Tak Nak said...

Mr Right,
Aah yes Liverpool, the perennial losers. Okay I am being frank with you, as much as I hate Liverpool and I know the feeling is mutual on your part, I think this season Liverpool would be a serious threat to both Man U and Chelsea. Thats the honest truth.

Nak Tak Nak said...

I did not get to see the actual incident that got CR7 sent off but for sure a straight red would mean 3 games suspension. I hope Ferguson fields Anderson for the Manchester Derby.

Nak Tak Nak said...

Yeah and thats why Bayern sold him after wringing quite a substantial amount. With the game getting more physical than ever, Hargreaves is not that good a buy.

Nak Tak Nak said...

Yeah and he is the Player of the year and Young Player of the year. What are you? Asshole of the year?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

u know what cikgu, honestly, i dont see the need to get hargreaves when u already hv carrick. but i know i cld well be wrong as surely sir alex knows better right?

and to anonymous, come on, thats a cheap shot man. we're discussing good football here. am no ManU fan either but love him or hate him, u know CR7 is the next big thing. i wldnt say that if henry didnt leave.

thats my honest opinion. thanks cikgu.

Mr. Right said...

Nak Tak Nak said...
Yeah and he is the Player of the year and Young Player of the year. What are you? Asshole of the year?

Muhahahaha... Ronaldo memang power, susah sangat ke nak admit. Bodoh. Asshole of the year. Muahahahahh...

monsterball said...

Can anyone guess how much bookies made from MU first game....a draw?
Paul Scholes goal was a classic.


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