Sunday, 19 August 2007

Attack is not good enough

I am not one to give excuses for anything. I would rather see the weakness than to give excuses which many are fond off. Manchester United lost tonight to their neighbour Manchester City.

They seem to forget that the objective of a game is to score, not just attack. Yes, they had the lion share of the possession; yes they virtually camped in their opponent's half, but one thing they did not do was score.

I was wrong when I said that Hargreaves was not a good bye, on the contrary, he was the live-wire of the midfield, but the attack was disappointing. Manchester really missed the presence of Ronaldo and Rooney. Nani and Tevez were okay but not seasoned enough with the style of play in the English Premier League.

The last three games, saw the opponents wised up to United's style of play. They closed in United's players quickly giving them very little room to move. Of course they packed the defense with all their players choosing to rely on occasional counter attacks. It was during one of these counter attacks that City was fortuitous enough to get the goal off a deflection off Vidic.

Sir Alex should know that many teams already know how to contain United's once feared attacking machine. Now it is up to him to work out a new game plan based on the players he has.

Not to take anything away, from Manchester City, they deserved victory because they did the most important thing: SCORE.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

its a rather frustrating week especially for ManU, Liverpool and Arsenal and cant say the same for chelsea.

frust no1. MALOUDA CHEATED and chelsea equalised from an undeserved penalty. poor the anfield crowd.

frust no2. 3 games-old but ManU has yet to register their first win of the season.

frust no3. this one, boleh saya mencarut ka cikgu? Arsenal could hv gotten 3 precious away points but our Lehmann f**ked it up again. that makes it 2 games in a row. c*&%i betol.

Mr. Right said...

Hahahah.. still cant register 1st win? Look like there are no life without Ronaldo and Rooney. Ermm... lost the title even before new year? Nampak macam logic je.

KTN, nak mintak izin mencarut juga ni. That stupid ref. F*ck. He robbed 2 points from Liverpool. But if Liverpool continue playing as tonight, especially 2nd half performance, everybody should realize we now ready to challenge the title. And Torres already open an EPL account, floodgate dah buka kot? Hehehe...

Nak Tak Nak said...

Kerp, and Mr Right,
Saya tak kisah kalau nak mencarut to let off frustration, I would do the same myself. Yeah the refereeing was below par in the Liv Chelsea game.
As for Man Utd, it would be foolish to right them off this early. The deserve the flacks they are getting now for their impotence.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

rilek mr right. aku semlm pon bengang kat ref sebab bg penalty out of nothing. semua referee takut kat si mourinho. sape jentik pemain chelsea, gerenti to concede a penalty.

tokasid said...

Salam che'gu:

Aku rasa aku saja yg suka tgk bola tapi takdak team.

Mu-MC game tak tengok sebab kalah dalam undi hak memicit remote Astro. Ada memba sms kata MU main macam taik. Dia kata bukan aku.

Lpul lwn Chesi tgk. Good game and Torres was just beautiful. So Ronaldo dan ada competitor tahun ni. The goal he scored was just...pecah kepala dan meleleh ayaq lioq.

Ref memang cikai abih semalam. mcm ref liga Patani Para estate saja. Tak patuit penalty tu.

Gunners pun macam tak reti main bila Henry dah blah.

Mungkin aku kena pilih team jugak kot. yg cikai2 saja mcm Wigan ka....

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

alaa doc...apa2 susah2 nak pilih. Arsenal je laa...hahaha...

Nak Tak Nak said...

Doc, Hang dengaq lah Kerp tu. Dia cuba nak tarik semua orang jadi gunner. Payah2 hang pilih MyTeam buleh kawan baik dengan KJ.

tokasid said...

Masa sekolah dulu minat sangat kat Liverpool in the mid-late 70's.

Bila time outing mesti aku beli majalah Shoot dan simpan semuat team posters.

Bila masuk U minat kat MU pulak.

Lepas tu lama tak follow EPL.

Sejak 3-4 tahun ni baru ikut balik pasai ada kaki boleh dok sembang pasai bola.

MyTeam? Kalau KJ tak dak baru boleh sokong MyTeam. Selagi dia dok situ, kalu MyTeam menang Piala Malaysia pun mampuih tak sokong punya.

EPL ni tak kiralah Liverpool ka, Arsenal ka, Chelsea ka, MU ka, Spurs ka...janji bila main ada fight dan tak one-sided aku suka. Tapi kalu main macam 7-sebelah kat kampong...buat habih karen saja.

Nak Tak Nak said...

Kalu macam tu bagoih, toksah support team mana pun jadi takkan ada rasa kecewa dan berdebaq tiap2 hujung minggu. Anak aku yang pompuan bongsu tu, Man U kalah dia tak lena sampai pagi. Yang pompuan sulong tu siap beli Jersey Man U latest season yang ori punya pulak.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


takpe la as long u dont support spurs cukup dah. mungkin seronok takde any particular team u support, takde pressure. but the excitement pon kurang sikit.

mcm anak cikgu nazir, saya pon kadang2 tak lalu mkn bila arsenal kecundang. especially conceded to a late goal or blunders made frm lehmann... bengang je.

zabs said...

Salam KTN,
Saya pula ada team tapi tak selalu tengok. MU pilihan saya sebab dulu ada shopping2 kat Manchester. Masa kat sana dulu, City tak kuat mana, jadi United jadi pilihan. Anak2 pun ada dibelikan jersi MU, dan sampai sekarang jadi penyokong MU juga.

Nak Tak Nak said...

Doc, kalu u sokong spurs maknanya u telah hancurkan hati Kerp. Dia anti betoi dengan Spurs macam saya anti Liverpool.

Lama tak dengaq ceghita. Glas to know that you are Man U.

Nak Tak Nak said...

Sekali lagi selamat pengantin baru semoga berkekalan hingga ke anak-sucu


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