Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Heart Stopper

If you have been observing carefully, of late, I have been avoidING reporting on Mancester United matches. It was one of those things you do for no apparent reason, but that does not mean that my love affair with the greatest football team in the world has ended, far from it. The affair is going strong.

Last night's match against AC Milan in the first leg of the Champion's League semi-finals was a real heart-stopper. If they had known it was going to be a scintillating dispalay of free flowing football, I 'm sure they would have put up a warning that this match is not for the faint of heart or for those suffering from any heart conditions, broken heart included.

The early goal by Cristiano Ronaldo, the newly crowned player of the year, promised a night of United domination but it was not to be. The gallant Milan players bogged the United players to their own half for much of the first half restricting them to occasional but dangerous counter-attacks. Then the equaliser by none other than the magnificient Kaka, who incidentally was reported in a blog to have confided to a former MU player Kleberson that he harbours hope of playing for United one day. It was followed by a gift goal due to the unusual line up in the defence but all the same we should not deny credit to Kaka for the way he manipulated the disarrayed United defence.

Then United shifted a gear and it was all United. Milan could have thought that they should shift to a gear lower and go into defense mode but that was their own undoing. In one of the many raids, Rooney, the last English hope, equalised for United.

The match ended in a nail biting victory a minute into time added time by none other than Rooney again after being fed with a delicious through ball by the evergreen Giggs. And if Chelsea thought they are masters of the late goals, then United certainly showed them that they are also as capable. Coming so late in the game, the equaliser then sent Milan into panic gear.

As I was going back to sleep I received a message from zorro. I knew he would be watching. Now for the return leg. And congratulations to Ronaldo for being awarded the PFA Player of the Year 2007 and PFA Young Player of the Year 2007, a rare double.

Glory, Glory MAN UNITED.


acciaccatura said...

assalamualaikum kata tak nak,

just drop in to ask of your brother.
so, how is he getting on?

pasal bola ni, i can still remember during my time, my favourites were Glen Hoddle, Mickey Thomas and Ardiles. My kids love football, even the girls. Manu in particular.

One day when i did my weekly checking on my daughters handphone, i was surprised to find out her contacts are of footballers like Kaka, Ballack and C. Ronaldo.
Rupa-rupanya the girls are using these as nick names!

i am acciaccatura. the last time i wrote in regarding the 'Wrap up as a gift', i accidently used my daughters account. she is 'one77'.

zewt said...

kaka made the entire united defence looked ordinary... and his second goal... the stupid evra tackled heinze instead.

i think dark clouds await in the san siro...

LanunDarat said...

i have no doubt that we can score goals but with makeshift defence, we can leaked goals too. milan is bringing with them two precious away goals....with evra going to be suspended in the return leg..our back four might be heinze, brown, o'shea and fletcher..zewt is right, dark clouds await in san siro but i was hoping there will be a silver lining on the horizon..

zorro said...

Dark clouds can be moved if all are focused!

zorro said...

Chegu...pls forward yr email to me at

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes I remember you. You are the musician right, housewife, not the desperate kind, right?
Well my bro is now at a point where everything is very uncertain. he is no longer bed-ridden but can't walk on his own, wasted muscles. He is confined to his wheelchair. He no longer wear diapers. Yes he can do his own toilet but with a lot of help. He wants to go out more. He doesn't care that he looks really haggard, he just wants to see the outside world, so we sometimes take him to shopping complexes. His cancer though, is not getting any better. That's why I say everything is uncertain. His second son will akad nikah on the 5th and the reception set for the 27th of May. We wanted to postpone but my bro wouldn't consent. Oh I see, Ardiles and Hoddle though not from Man U were two of the best midfielders of their times. Together with Ricardo Villa, they wrecked havoc. They played for Spurs right. As for Mickey Thomas, no I can't remember him.

The Man U People,

The defence was indeed ordinary without Vidic, Ferdinand and Neville. Either the makeshift defence was better than expected or Milan's strikeforce was shit. Yes Kaka did make a difference but I wasn't very impressed with the Brazilian.

I would like to go with zorro here
"Dark clouds can be moved if all are focused"!

monsterball said...

kata tak nak...How's life?
One week ago zorro sms you HP to me. I accidentally deleted the message. Asked him to repeat it and poor chap said he was your HP to me!!
Just to have no misunderstandings....I fully understand if you change your we can talk quite well through this way..but frankly I am choosy to give my HP # to others please don't F...zorro.
Take good care and bless you and your lovely family.

tokasid said...

Salam to Chegu.
Siapkan kopi dan kacang goreng banyak2 next week's game.Sekolah pun cuti kan...

monsterball said...

kata tak nak...Dark clouds CANNOT be removed by just saying and wishing.
The dark clouds...I presume zorro and you agree are the nagatives and injustices done to Malaysian people.
We cannot be fence sitters about it...and do nothing. It is either for or like freedom fighters. if is cheap.
So what should we all do to chase the dark clouds away? That's the answer I hope to get...from you and zorro.
Take care, my friend.

Kata Tak Nak said...

My answer is simple. I never voted for them in the elections. I always voted the opposition and I make that clear to whoever I meet who are interested to talk politics with me. I try to impress upon them to try the opposition. My family including my son-in-law are all opposition. Thats the best I can do right now. Maybe later who knows I would be able to spread the message even wider?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Sek cuti ka tak cuti ka, game tetap game. Bukan tak pernah tengok game esok tu p sekolah. Nasib baik aku sek petang.

monsterball said...

kata tak nak...You stand is clear ane well respected by me. Thanks for explaining.

zorro said...

Monsterball, the dark clouds KTN and I are refering too is the dark clouds hovering over the return leg of the Champions League semi-final. Is it now KTN?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yeah, I actually I don't really see it as very dark cloud, maybe a little bit clody but the ray of sunshine is just above. Stay focussed and we will be able to reach it, fixed or not.


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