Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Since we are at it .....

The Old Man, the one who destroyed the country in his reign of corruption and terror, the one who simply refuses to shut up and go, tried to justify an unjustifiable by saying that, gambling has always been around in this country. Hey, what's new? Rapes, robberies, corruptions and whatnots have always been around in this country so do we go about legalising these acts?

He went on to say that the Chinese like to gamble as if trying to imply that the Malays and Indians don't. Err, Mr Old Man, how do you think Besut fell into Terengganu hands? I am sure the Sultan at that time wasn't a Chinese. Look I have lots of Chinese friends who frown on gambling and plenty of Malay friends who sleeps with a deck of cards and would suffer withdrawal if they missed their pilgrimage to the 4D, Kuda and TOTO outlets. Gambling is not a race thing, it's a human trait and would prosper if allowed to and legalising sports betting would help a great deal in it's prosperity.

Since we already have legalised horse racing and numbers betting, do we need anymore form of legalised gambling? Anyway despite legalising certain forms of gamblings, have we seen the last of the illegal gambling operators and warlords? Sadly the answer is a big NO. In fact these unscrupulous people are thriving, no thanks to the seemingly inefficient enforcement of the law. Sometimes I wonder if they, the law that is, are really that inefficient. I mean the man on the streets know where to place illegal bets but somehow the law don't. Hmm! I find that rather perplexing but let's leave that for another day.

Mr Old Man, when you said that the PR's uproar against legalised sports betting is purely political, which I believe do carry weight, the above lends credence to the many suspicions that the government's main intention in legalising sports betting is not so much to stop illegal gambling but more of a means to make money. Tell me I am wrong. Hey, even The Man himself said that quite a few billions of Ringgit would go to the treasury.

Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute, now I know why you have always closed an eye on corrupt officials and misuse of government machineries and funds.It's because they have always been around right? Could we then legalise spitting on faces of hated senile old useless despots, who created fear in the people the rule (not lead)? This was around a long long time ago. In fact, in times of old, they even killed these despots but I am against killing, just spitting. Come on, be a sport and get your handkerchief ready.


Anonymous said...

Oh my!cikgu.You still read or listen to what that senile old man say nowaday ?? Let him be. He is so fuckup and he is on his way to meet his maker soon,very soon. All this double talk of his is just his way of trying to win some attention and nothing more. I just pity him by the ways he make himself look so very foolish. No class!!! Just bear with him for a while. It's now winter,can spring be far away? Just my 2sen cikgu.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Hopefully he goes soon, sakit telinga dan mata.

Anonymous said...

Well said Sir. The senile old man is trying very hard to stay relevent but unfortunately the more he tried, the worst is the outcome.


Anonymous said...

look at the bright side, that senile arsehole and family been surviving from dirty money running in their blood to toilet bowl.

one just cant change a satan overnight.

wont be surprised at all one day gomen will nationalized brothels activities, making 1malaysia successful further. the headoffice will of course located at putrajaya lah.

K L said...

Should sent this dirty old man to home of alzheimers if he is so forgetful of what he has said and taken from rakyat !

Anonymous said...


The old man is definitely not senile. He is an ultra racist, corrupt, hypocrite, shit stirrer and greedy old man. He wants and craves to be in the limelight but for wrong reasons. He is no different from the other despots like Hitler, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, Mugabe and their likes.

He had done nothing worthwhile for this country and it's people during his years in power except to pull wool over the eyes of the malaysian people so that he can continue to rob the country blind with his cronies. He may think his ill gotten wealth will pave the way for his sons and their families to live a good life but God works in mysterious ways.

I am anxiously waiting for the day to SPIT on his face or grave whichever comes first. As such I am training my salivary glands and practicing my spitting techniques so that I can hit the precise spot on his face or grave from a good distance. As a additional treat for this old man, I am practicing my spitting with betel nut so that my spit will leave a lasting impression :)

Anonymous said...

donno who will go first if god calls! donno who will spit on whose grave first!

if not for this senile old man, no one here's able to contribute anything...no super corridor, no nothing!

yes, this old man contributed nothing -no north-south highways (isnt it a comfort to drive within a few hours instead of teen-teen hours), no putrajaya (imagine the crammings at jln duta those days,)no klia (subang's still operating, btw), no commuters, no penang bridge (ferries are still operating, too for nostalgic purpose? that tambak, too), no twin towers( never been here, huh?), no no no no... yes nothing came from this old man.

we tend to forget things so easily as if these came from nothing...very ungrateful lots


Anonymous said...

Ustazje @ 19 June 11.34

I don't know which hole you crawled out from but it is very obvious you have chosen to totally ignore the fact the "great" white elephants you've mentioned were all constructed at major cost over runs. I guess you are one of those people who don't mind contributing your hard earned money to support corrupted people like the old man.

Why should I be grateful that there is a Putrajaya when 90% of the people in Putrajaya are not performing any work except having long tea breaks and even longer lunch breaks.

Kata Tak Nak said...

You are a real blind arsehole. What super corridor. Thailand doesn't boast of any corridors and they provide cheap broadband at superfast speeds.
Schools in malaysia are still using paper to take attendance while the Filipinos are laughing at us.
Yes highways at so exhorbitant costs that the people are suffering to pay tolls.
It's idiots like you who cannot see through a charade that is costing this country greatly.
I guess I should spit on your face too for helping to enrich those bastards and make others poor.

Anonymous said...

Bagus sekali cikgu. Hantam kau kau sama si bodoh ustazje. Dia tu dah lama makan tahi sampai bodoh dan mata tertutup.

orang kampung


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