Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Boss: This is too much already, I can't stand it any longer.

Machai: Yes boss, too much already, we have to do something.

Boss: Yes, how dare they attack that ship. Don't they know that there are Malaysians on board?

Machai: Yes boss, too much already boss. Must teach them a lesson boss.

Boss: Call the General here, I want to talk to him.

Machai: Ok boss, I have called already boss, I know you would want to see him.

Boss: Waa! You terer ah?

General: Yes boss, you want to see me?

Boss: Have you read this report? This is very disturbing.

General: Yes boss, very disturbing boss.

Boss: We must do something about it. Weust show the other Muslim countries that we care.

Machai: Good idea boss, not only Muslim countries boss but also Muslims in this country.

General: What do you want me to do boss?

Boss: I will declare that we will help our brothers there and you get the three wings ready.

General: Okay boss, I will get our army boys ready to be deployed.

Boss: All 3 wings, not the army only.

General: That one susah la boss. The army can la.

Boss: Why not? This is getting me angry.

General: Boss our fighters can't fly because we lost their engines and the sub can't dive and is now in Pangkor helping the Perak MB catch ikan bilis.


Anonymous said...

Wah like that ah cikgu? Then we better call for early erection opps!.. election since now got 72%.If not army say bullets not real one only rubber bullets !! How to fight man?? Just my 2sen cikgu. By the way selamat bercuti. Envy youlah!!

Anonymous said...

The subs not in pangkor lah cikgu.Its in Kuantan.Has been leased out to Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan.They used it for leisure sub/boat rides along the pahang river starting from benteng, kuantan.Where else can u get this kinda rides cikgu?


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