Saturday, 19 June 2010

Please sacrifice for the country.

Minister: I am appealing to the people to understand our predicament. Our debts are too high. Debt servicing is eating up into our budget. We have to do away with some subsidy.

Reporter: Are you implying that we don't have money?

Minister: No, I am not saying that, I am saying that we must be prudent and taking off some subsidies is one way.

Reporter: Are there any other ways?

Minister: Of course there are. We will save. All government departments must spend wisely. We will stop unneccessary meetings and mileage claims. Electricity consumptions must be reduced.

Reporter: This means that the government is serious?

Minister: Of course, this particular government is always serious. The people is always on our minds but the people must remember that by suffering for the moment with the absent of subsidies on certain neccessities in life, they are paving the way for a brighter future. The people must be willing to nmake sacrifices.

Reporter: Don't you think that this is a gamble? It might backfire?

Minister: I know the people have the country at heart. They are willing to make sacrifices for the sake of the country.

Reporter: Any last words to the people sir?

Minister: Yes, we promise that this government is a responsible government. We are going all out to cut unneccessary spending. Every sen that we spend would be of benefit to the people.

Reporter: Where to now YB?

Minister: Er, off to Putrajaya for the ground breaking ceremony of the new Parliament Building. It is the best in the world. Once completed our MPs would be able to sit in comfort and it only costs 800 million, maybe by the time it is completed it might go up to 1 billion but it is still cheap. Imagine the comfort. We are doing this for the people.

Reporter: Can you give us some details about this new Parliament Building?

Minister: I am busy but why don't you speak to that man over there?

Reporter: That one? He is your brother isn't he? Why? Can he help me?

Minister: Yes, he has the designs. He is the one who got the tender. Okay, see you.


Wake UP! said...

Fuck the person who wants to waste money to build a new Parliament building when the old one can still be used.

Stupid ministers should be sacked for their stupidity.

JC said... conversation...nice blog...feel free visit my blog...

Anonymous said...

nothing will go wasted in the future. the old buildings will be places for the future generations to let go their talents in art & design, x-treme aports & leisure activities - graffiti on the walls, sketchings on the floors, skateboarding, roller blade racing & jumpers transporting themselves all over inhibited places...why worry?


Anonymous said...

You are right CherGu.
Too many Kepala Otak Punyea Olang jadi ministers and got elected to wallop Peoples' Monies.

Fcuk! How come this country can become worst than Papua New Guinea. Fiji is far better than us.

Is it true ke CherGu that bads people normally live longer and dying much much later after all decent people died first?


These satans are causing miserable to People like You Me and Everybody.

Anonymous said...


apa cakap u. sekarang itu minister bodoh cakap kerajaan ada banyak duit. MP dapat extra allowance RM500,000 seorang. tapi untuk corrupt BN seje, yang lain tak dapat. Kita yang undi PR kena dendam betul2. Apa pasai kita nak bayar tax lagi untuk BN beli kapal tak tengelam leh? lagi perempuan mongolia pun kena bunuh.

monsterball said...

Bullshitting and fooling Malaysians are on going to fatten UMNO bank to buy up votes and country.
What else can they do besides stealing and robbing?


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