Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Neighbours

Wife: Honey, honey, come here, faster la.

Husband: Stop being a busy body la .

Wife: No la, come and look, something strange is happening la.

Husband: To you, everything is strange.

Wife: This time it is really strange la.

Husband: What? Who?

Wife: Look at that, isn't that Zack?

Husband: Yes, so?

Wife: Look carefully la, isn't he in Usmanov's house?

Husband: You crazy ka? You think Mr. Pakri would allow him to go there ka?

Wife: That's why I say it's strange. What has happened? Abang, you go there la, try to korek what happened?

Husband: What you think I Lingam ka, want to korek korek all.

Wife: Ala, don't joke la, go la. Pretend la you want to borrow something, go la.

Husband: Okay la. If I don't do it, you would be bugging me the whole day. Where's my underwear, sarong and singlet?

Wife: Aya not so loud la.

Husband: Er, Mr. Usmanov, Mr. Usmanov.

Usmanov: Oh, Mr. Kaypo. Hold on a minute, I'll open the gate.

Husband: Sorry la to disturb you early in the morning like this but I wonder if I could borrow yesterday's Star?

Usmanov: Yesterday's? I have today's if you want, why read yesterday's?

Husband: No la, my son called and asked me to read a certain article. He said it concerns my company. I know you read The Star so could I borrow it? I'll return it later.

Usmanov: No problem. Honey, could you find yesterday's Star please, mr. kaypo wants to borrow it. Er, why don't you come in and have a drink or something.

Husband: Never mind la, here also can la. Errr, isn't that Zack at the back there?

Usmanov: Yes.

Husband: Why, you and Pakri are friends already ka now? I mean everyone in the neighbourhood knows that you both don't see eye to eye.

Usmanov: What? Friends with Pakri? You mad ka? Zack came here on his own. I saw him at my gate one rainy night. he was alone so I took him in.

Husband: Waa, you very good la Usmanov. Is he okay? He doesn't kacau you or what? I mean I heard from you last time that he was a trouble maker.

Usmanov: Maybe at the Pakri's he is like that la but here he is okay, very well behaved and very obedient. Hold on, Zack, Zack come here. Sit, sit Zack. Aaaaah, good dog. He barks very loud too.


Anonymous said...

Salam cikgu. Wah!
Zack betul-betul an obedient dog. You sudah jadi one hell of a writer cikgu. I had to read it twice baru dapat cam itu Zack our obedient dog.He had change so muchla! Takniah cikgu.Its a good one.Just my 2sen.

Anonymous said...

Anjng lagi bagus dari katak...


Kata Tak Nak said...

2 sen,
Oh yes, he is very obedient indeed.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Ya, tapi dia start dengan menganjing dan daripada sumber2 saya dari orang parti Usmanov, dia akan mengkatakkan dirinya tak lama lagi.

Anonymous said...

Wowwww, funny lah. only after going thru comments then i caught the message.... Zach is Zah-Rain, indeed that Frog turned out Porky DOG after mating (oppppsss meeting) some pigs.

yeap, look like one, sounds like one, and indeed he is born one as well.

some people eat FROG and DOG for lunch, Cikgu and this Zach indeed lucky not in the Frying Wok!

frankie said...

Ain't it a good feeling with Man Utd sitting at the top and the Kops struggling to fight for 4th places which can be their only 'glory'? Man Utd rocks!


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