Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Don't look up.

Chief: Alright people, take your seats and lets get down to serious business. Dei! Kunjimaran, stop eating that tosai and go wash your hands now.

Kunji: Ayo, tuan sikit lagi saja la tuan.

Chief: Wash your hands now.

Kunji: Mau makan pun tak bole. Citt.

Chief: Alright people, the PM wants an immediate report about the incident with the minister yesterday. He wants to know if there was a security breach. Why did the minister suddenly started frothing and foaming and writhing on the floor of that lift.

Man1: Sir, we have reviewed the cctv footage of the incident over and over again but we have no clue whatsoever. If all could focus on the screen, there were only 3 people in the lift: the minister and his 2 bodyguards. See here, none of the bodyguards ever made any contact with him so it's impossible for them to inject anything. According to the chief of security both the guards are good people.

Kunji: Maybe the minister gila babi or what?

Man1: You shut up la kunji.

Man2: Yes, la, I was also in the viewing room last night. I think I must have played the footage a hundred times but there is just no sign.

Chief: Okay let's backtrack. Where did the minister come from?

Man4: He came straight from his house and did not stop anywhere for any food or what.

Man5: The driver dropped him at the front door of the ministry where a brief welcoming ceremony was held.

Kunji: Brief welcoming ceremony? Why?

Chief: You really bodoh la Kunji. He is a new minister what, so surely got welcoming ceremony la.

Kunji: But he sudah lama jadi minister what...... oh, oh, I see, he resign and now after he wins he sudah jadi manteri lagi satu kali la. Maybe at the ceremony got people do something to him?

Man6: No we have reviewed the cctv footage at the main entrance and we saw nothing suspicious.

Man7: Then proceeded straight to the lift.

Chief: Play the lift footage again. Haaaa! hahahahaha, I got it, I got it. This is not a sabotage, no sabotage, phew, what a relief, my job is safe.

Kunji: Apa macam you tau?

Chief: Look carefully. He walks into the lift, fidgets, looks left and right, smiles at his bodyguards and and stop! Freeze that frame. There, that's the answer.

Kunji: Apa? Where got answer? He was looking up what.

Chief: That's why la you are only an office boy. What is he looking at? Come on people.

Man3: Yes when looking up, he suddenly realises that there is a cctv camera.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha Chegu, good one. Don't always use the same lift.

Anonymous said...

Could he got shocked Olang tengok Dia dulu ada itu dapat BlowJob contract buat belon tak boleh terbang one, tapi boleh boncitt one kah, GikGu?

Itu macam shiokk lah hah, nanti kasi tukar Lift tarak CCTV kasi Minister Yam Yam Yam dalam Lift pun boleh kan. Tarak boncitt punye, muntah muntah aje... ha ha haha ha ha

Mike Tan said...

His little brother is in jail lah.
he has since wearing a chasity belt
and oni his wife has the key :D


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