Saturday, 17 March 2007

Ruthless Manchester United

Man Utd fans, pat yourself in the back again, we destroyed Bolton 4 - 1 this time. A ruthless display by Manchester United saw them extending their lead over Chelsea to 9 points, at least for a few hours.Park scored twice, both created by Ronaldo. Rooney's brace helped secured the victory. Ronaldo had a hand in 3 of the goals while Smith assists in the last goal.In the meantime it was reported that Liverpool fans were watching Akademi Fantasia rather than watch their arch enemy Man Utd further stretch their lead over the luckless club.At the time of posting, Chelsea is leading Sheffield Utd 1 - 0.


Sheih said...

This season, for the first time since few season we have proved that we are a consistent team. Even while facing the difficult time due to injuries to few key players.

April is coming. It will be the cricial moment for our war on three front. By end of April, we should now where we are.

Kata Tak Nak said...

That is why the goal difference advantage we have over them is crucial. We may have to dig into that but like I have said before, we may just make it.

8 more games to go. Its just too near to let go.

zorro said...

Yes, we zapped convincingly. So SIL was watching AF. Cant blame them Liverpool fans....nothing more for them. Overheard on MAS flight:"Liverpool fans, come test our parachutes."

monsterball said...

Hahahaha..I never knew you and Sheih share same passion on English most favouite sport too!
Being my maiden message at you site....take an advise from an old stupid guy ...never gamble on football games. Most are already bought out by bookies.It is a worldwide casino.When rich guys from Russia and Amrican buys up the best out!! They do this not to entertain you..they are out to suck you dry and Fergusan is the best in this game. I guees Jose of Chelsea made his boss lost millions in few games.....hahahahaha
All the best to your future in bloggings.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Thanks monsterball for the tip. Anyway I have never placed even a single cent bet on football matches.

It was not only the Liverpool fans who watched AF last night, my 2 daughters (the traitors) and my wife beat me to the tv and I had to watch AF myself. Actually I could go out but what the heck, they are gonna win anyway.

Hey monsterball, you said football is your favourite game but which team? I know, Batang Berjuntai Forest.

zewt said...

Glory is near!

My friend... you've been tagged.... you can take a break from blogging about women and MU for a while... ;P

Don't disappoint me... ok?


We are the champions, we are the champions.....

KTN, I have been an MU fan since the day I fell in love with George Best.....and his footballing-lah.
I have a Manchester United banner(circa 1970) of a very young George Best,...
Enuf said!

We are the chamipons,we are the champions.

By the way, KTN, I have explained about the mee rebus hype over at Acciaccatura's -- under "Saya dan Teknologi" posting.
in case you are still curious.

Allied said...

Ai yoh....Yah lah. Have to admit that they played 'awesome' football.


3 times this year?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Nuraina, will check the mess rebus stuff. I should have guessed, George Best. My eldest daughter is crazy over cristiano ronaldo and my youngest daughter is a die-hard rooney, wes brown and of course c ronaldo fan, and as for me it must me the name of the club, its so majestic besides the awesome display of sexy football that they play.

Allied, the triple is within our grasp.

A Voice said...

I have been an Red Devil since the days of Best, Charlton.

I stuck with them even when the dived to second division (now called first division) for a season during the team rebuilding after the plane crash.

Man Utd 4 ever!

May this year be the year of the treble!!!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Well, a voice, yes voice is heard loud and clear. The treble is within sight. Yes, Sir Bobby Charlton. Whenever I see his face I could remember his volley, a real full-blooded one.

zewt said...

My friend,

Basically, you need to declare to the world that you've been tagged. Generally, people will curse the tagger, so I guess you can curse me.

Then you just repeat the A-Z thing that I did. Anything from A-Z that comes to your mind right now.

Thereafter, tag 5 other people (this is optional).

Any further questions?

LanunDarat said...

8 games to go but yet it feels like an thanks to chelski relentless pursuit to catch up with us..hopefully we will prevail and we will have one full year to brag to the scousers..what a feeling

monsterball said...

kata tak nak...don't behave like an idiot..which you are not on football lah.What is this Batang Berjuntai Forest??
Are you talikibg about English League.Div.One...Black Forest?
I only concentrate on Major Leagues are big big bookies. The day an American bought MU and a Russian bought Chelsea..many millions suckers will be born...starting from China. I predict China will have increase in sucides cases year after year on gambling debts. Chinese are suckers for gambling...and 'every second..born a sucker' said the Americans.

Kata Tak Nak said...

You are right about the eternity and the brag the whole year part. The tension is killing me.


OK I'll be frank, I know of the influence of bookies and match fixing and these exist everywhere and at every level. For all you know, almost all top games are rigged and all of us are being taken in for a ride. 1st I don't bet so I won't lose anything. Next, I supported Manchester United since primary school and have not heard of bookies or bettings or whatever then. I have followed them through thick and thin, through 1st division, down to 2nd division for a season and back to 1st division and now the Premier League. I would like to believe that I am watching true football and if in the end I am proven to be a sucker, then a sucker I am. What else is there to life then a close knit family, good food, sex, and football?

Maybe what you say is true, but I still get the kicks when my team wins and feel depressed when they lose.

monsterball said...

So you are well verse with Football matters...but I doubt my drunkard zorro knows...except bet a beer for excitment. He must have won alot of beers betting for MU..which infact is stll my hero for more than 25 years. I hated them for few I lost alot betting heavily in favour of them....until my bookie friends gave me some tips...not to bet.
Now I it is....but can predict few games result..when to score and not to score...quite well..Just remember..the real game starts 25 minutes before full time.

monsterball said...

kata tak nak...Thanks for being impartial and wise at kickdefella site. Zorro should trace the root to the matter..and not put out one sided conclusion. THEY STARTED TO INSULTB ME. I was defending INSULT THEM BACK!! THAT'S NATURAL TO ME!!...and will continue to do so...until many commenters stop their insults. NONE!!Why they do that to Monsterball? Well who else dare to speak so direct and forceful to expose the hypocracies of some of them?
Look ..not one of them come out to support fairnesses to the badminton players.They said I write nonsense. Is that nonsense?
Live to fight another said zorro.He can do that as a blog owner needs to be diplomatic and I fully understand..BUT why should I? I am not aiming to be a diplomat nor a blog owner. Truth thanks again...coming out to be impartial and wise.
Pray you have good health.

monsterball said...

kata tak nak.Go see how a commenter write in Sheih's recent message. Now why can't zorro fight for justice baffles me. If he dare not protect...then be like you and few other blog owners..write to cool things down...not take sides!!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Like I said I was new to that blog, and obviously your disagreements with some of the bloggers started before that.

From what I understand, a human will react back so fiercely because he/she has been hurt real bad. Maybe what they have done hurt you bad so you keep the grudge and vice versa.

I understand about how you felt when the victory by our recent doubles pair was met by what I would term as a lukewarm and insincere praise. This only goes to show what kind of people we have there.

When in one of my response I question the MIC's and MCA's impotence I mean why do they allow such a thing to happen. They should speak out not only on mother-tongue issues but also these but they didn't. Don't expect fair-play from UMNO. A person is fair to UMNO if he is someone who can promise them greater riches irrespective of race. Put a Chinese Towkay and a Malay pariah like me in front of them, do you think they will give me the time of day?

As for Zorro, please I would like it if you could make peace with him. You should understand the predicament he is in. If you were to meet him over a drink and have a heart to heart with him I am sure you would find him a nice person. Like you he is also a fighter but with different styles. No I do not know him personally, I have never met him but I can feel his struggle.

Please don't think I am trying to teach you. I know you are older and therefore much wiser. I am just voicing what I feel coz I consider you a friend. I consider zorro a friend too and I really do not want there to be bad blood between friends.

monsterball said...

kata tak nak...Thanks your response. I respect and love zorro like a brother. I have met him once and took an instant liking on him. You can see I pulled alot of fast ones on him. I usually do that to a person I like and know he can stand jokes.
Perhaps that's what disappointed me he took side...while I was the victim...defending myself.
It will be forgotten by me.....once I release it from my's gone and move on. LIFE IS SHORT. Bless you.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Glad to know that you are the kind who can forget things once it is released. I will response as long as I feel I can response positively and usually between friends I will always try to respond but maybe sometimes my response may not be convincing enough and if that happens I am sorry.

Bless you too.


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