Saturday, 4 December 2010

Here we go again.

Ali: Eh mamak, why only RM2.30 back?

Mamak: Yes la, you makan RM2.70. You give RM5, so balance RM2.70 la. I also got go to school one. No need to learn maths in English also can kira this one.

Ali: I know la mamak, I also know how to kira but yesterday I gave RM5 you gave me back RM2.60. I ate the same thing also.

Mamak: Aiyo that one ka. I say, gula go up already, minyak also go up, gas also go up so my price also must go up la En. Ali. Budak punya gaji misti mau kasi bayar jugak. Teh tarik now go up 10 sen 1 glass and roti canai oso go up 10 sen jugak.

Ali: Teh tarik go up I can understand la because gula and susu go up but why roti canai go up?

Mamak: I say man En. Ali, I must use gas to masak itu roti la. What you think, I tunggu ada rumah bakar baru saya pigi masok masak itu roti ka?

Ali: Waa, sekarang you pandai cakap ah?

Mamak: No la En. Ali, mau hidup la.

Ali: When prices go up, you increase, you not hurt, you maintain your profit or even get bigger profit but what about me? My gaji tadak naik?

Mamak: Why you ask me? Ask the minteri la? Dia jugak kasi itu harga naik? I say En. Ali why make so much noise, naik sikit saja apa.

Ali: You say little la mamak because anyway the price go, you make more profit, but we all makan gaji punya orang suffer la. Don't tell me harga barang naik kalu, makan breakfast two days once only, don't eat everyday.

Mamak: I say, just now En Hassan the UMNO punya ketua come and eat here, he bring 10 people. They all eat and he pay senang saja,  tadak cakap apa pun, no complain.

Ali: Dia sapa, saya sapa?


outdatedpenanguncle said...

Developed country, living cost is high.
So instead of making this country a developed country, they make it living cost is high first lo :D

Kata Tak Nak said...

Yes, as if it's a good thing to say that our cost of living is high.

Anonymous said...

this kinda naik-naik never turun will not last.

once tegak & keras, sure runtuh one.

only a matter of time, like bom-time lor.

faridmw said...

semua barang naik harga...
mas kawin naik harga tak agaknya.. hehehe...

Kata Tak Nak said...

Hopefully so la.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Tak tau la orang lain macam mana tapi bagi saya sama saja. Tak naik.

Chuckie Cotton said...

LAst sentence well said. Haha.

They rich takpe la..

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zarinahtakesapaycut said...

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes, when this question was answered by Plato in his work The Republic, he answered that they will guard themselves against themselves. "We must tell the guardians a "noble lie". The noble lie will assure them that they are better than those they serve and it is therefore their responsibility to guard and protect those lesser than themselves. We will instill in them a distaste for power or privilege; they will rule because they believe it right, not because they desire it."

I put it to you that there is no noble lie in this case, that there are questions you must answer as guardians of corporate governance in this country, that you must feel in you the same distaste for abuse of power and conflict of interest, that you will do what is right, that you will be true to your calling as one of the guardians for the institutions of this great country.

rastom said...

Blog still smoking good! Long time tarak jenguk mai. So how's life sir, hope you and family doing well.

jemohid said...

people said...tak bleh beli banyak beli sikit!

buat duit said...

pada saya kenaikan 10sen untuk setiap produk tu boleh meningkatkan keuntungan peniaga sehingga 50%..sedangkan kerugian akibat kenaikan barang cuma 10% saja..

boikot mamak


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